April 13, 2024

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Retain your documents

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What is a record retention schedule?

One of the main criterions for good management of records is to ensure that the said records are not destroyed earlier than required or kept for longer periods of time than required to maintain the efficiency and economy of the company. To skilfully arrange such periods for different types of records, a record retention schedule must be developed by the creators in said agencies.

Record management is a key activity of government departments since good management is vital to smooth running of administration. In concern to retention of data, national archive and department of administration reforms and public grievances are jointly responsible for drawing a schedule for retention of documents.

Physical records are classified into 3 categories namely,

Category a: files for permanent retention

Category b: permanent preservation of document for administrative purposes

Category c: kept for specified period not more than a duration of ten years

Soft copies are classified into 3 categories as well namely, documents to be preserved permanently for various purposes because they are of primary importance; files of secondary importance preserved with reference not exceeding 20 years. If these records need to be preserved for periods longer than 20 years, they might be upgraded to primary category; Back up digital records of which two copies to be maintained-at Data Centre/Digital Record Room and at Disaster Recovery Site.

This document basically helps every employee of the policy of retaining certain documents that are vital to the company’s safekeeping. Once the retention periods are over, these data can be disposed of to make space for new and more important data. It is to be kept in mind that the date, time and people by whom these documents are disposed by are important. This helps in avoiding litigations and legalities against your company on such grounds.