April 18, 2024

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Raquel Vendome New York City Modern Architecture

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Raquel Vendome NYC continues to be an industry leader in contemporary architecture. As the daughter of famed architect and builder, Antonio Vendome NYC, Raquel has carried on his legacy of the Habitable Structure movement. This architectural trend was based on adding artistic elements to livable structures. This includes condo developments, high-rises, and mixed-use buildings with commercial spaces. Raquel joined her father’s business some years ago and now manages Vendome Property Management.

As one of the most reputable architectural firms in the nation, Vendome Property Management manages properties across Manhattan and Queens. Raquel and Antonio are a major force in modern architectural concepts. However, Raquel initially had her sights set on a different field. As a graduate of Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida, she majored in Early Childhood Education before joining the family business. While Raquel had some big shoes to fill, her parents taught her that hard work with honesty, integrity, and civility produces desired results.

Today, Raquel and Antonio continue to innovate and create stunning architecture across the Northeast region. Since joining the firm in 2010, she and her dad combine their passions for hard work into everything they do. The results are habitable structures with artistic aesthetics that continue to dazzle the NYC skyline. With long hours of learning new applications, Raquel Vendome NYC has also ventured into property acquisition while creating lasting business relationships with designers, builders, architects and especially clients.

Raquel Vendome NYC has made her mark in this fast-paced and challenging industry. With unique concepts and designs, she and her Dad manage the Urban Glass House. This is an elegant 16-story condo development fitted with modern décor and all the latest living amenities. Antonio continues to guide her as the family business grows and expands. However, Raquel has already empowered the traits her family taught her over the years. These, of course, are working hard and never letting anything get in your way to turn dreams into realities.

The Vendomes are hard at work developing a 26-story condo across York Avenue and 62nd street. This was joint-venture with Philip Johnson who sadly passed away in 2005. Still, the Vendomes carry his legacy with elements of Picasso and Braque styles in the complex. From geometric shapes and unique windows to spacious rooms and interiors, this high-rise is but one of many projects that the Vendomes are synonymous with. They are also known for the Glass House, Seasons Building, Urban House, American Kitchen, and many more structures that continue to receive praise and admiration the world over.

The habitable structure movement continues to electrify the modern real-estate market. With elements of art, design, and nature, these structures truly breathe new life into any community. The Vendomes also understand the importance of convenience and access to retail establishments for residents. This is why several past and future projects have commercial storefronts in the lower parts of these buildings. This allows residents to shop, dine, and learn in close proximity to their homes.

As the real estate market continues to evolve, the Vendomes remain true visionaries in livable artistic spaces. Raquel and her family are always hard at work with new residential — commercial projects across the city. With an emphasis on visually-appealing structures with spacious interiors and exteriors, there are several projects on the horizons for Vendome Property Management. 

Raquel Vendome NYC has left a lasting mark in the architectural industry. So much so that her projects have been featured in industry publications across the world. She is truly an inspiring force for other architects and designers from all corners of the globe. With more developments underway, Raquel Vendome continues to manage numerous properties throughout the Northeast.