May 22, 2024

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Printing, Scanning and Photocopying Solutions in Edmonton

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Printing, scanning and photocopying different documents and media files can be a very costly and time consuming affair, especially if you have a bulk of materials to work on. To be on the safe side, it is advisable to look for specialists who use advanced and high-performance equipment to deliver the best quality prints. Fortunately, there are companies that are renowned for offering topnotch printing, binding, scanning, photocopying, and graphic designing solutions. One example of this is business card printing in Edmonton.

Printing, Scanning and Photocopying Solutions

If you are in Edmonton, you can find dependable companies that boast of consistency in their provision of top quality digital prints, graphic design, high-speed printing, printing on demand, photocopying and binding services. Their ability to work from concepts to finished products, their understanding of customer needs and emphasis on quality is what places them ahead of their competitors.

Furthermore, these companies also offer digital print-on-demand services which enable publishers to serve their market efficiently by having products available wherever and whenever they are needed. They can efficiently handle small, as well as big projects and delivers them on time, and on budget. Some of their solutions include:

  1. Print On Demand Services

Predicting demand in today’s publishing industry is very difficult. If one could predict demands for titles accurately, they would be no need to worry about warehouses, returns or logistics. Instead, people would only focus on the business at hand – increasing revenues and development of quality books. Fortunately, these companies do offer print-on-demand services, which combine with production support and digital printing technology to enable you to:

  1. Print the out-of-stock titles in smaller quantities.
  2. Bring the out-of-print titles back to life.

III. Provide the niche markets with smaller quantities.

  1. Eliminate the issue of titles going out of stock or out of print indefinitely.
  2. Take on additional titles.
  3. Report titles quickly whenever the demand exceeds forecast.

VII. Test the market for new titles making use of short count production.

In addition, you also get the benefit of filling requests, early printing of reprints and realizing immediate cash flow. Moreover, the digitalized books are normally kept in digital libraries, hence saving on space.

  1. One to Four Colour Printing Services

Besides the print-on-demand services, the specialists also print:

  1. Manuals
  2. Tickets

III. Laser cheques

  1. Continuous forms
  2. Price lists
  3. Newsletters

VII. Reports

VIII. Business cards

  1. Calendars
  2. Post cards
  3. Brochures

XII. Flyers

XIII. Letterhead

XIV. Envelopes

  1. Carbonless forms

XVI. Family history books

If you are a business person looking for the best business card printing in Edmonton, these printing specialists can help.

  1. Graphic Design Services

Some of their graphic design services include:

  1. Concept to production
  2. Typesetting

III. Corporate identity

  1. Logos
  2. Annual reports
  3. Stationary packages

VII. Flyers

VIII. Newsletters

  1. Documents
  2. CD Reproduction
  3. Scanning

XII. Photos

XIII. E-mail

  1. Bindery Services

On the other hand, their bindery services include:

  1. Saddle stitching
  2. Tape binding

III. Cerlox binding

  1. Coil binding
  2. Hard cover binding
  3. Perfect binding

VII. Shrink wrapping

VIII. Padding

  1. Three Hole Punching
  2. Cutting
  3. Folding

XII. Collating

Besides offering these services, the companies also offer a range of products like fax machines, colour copiers, wide format devices, digital photocopiers and document storage devices. Using special software, they also offer free print management consultancy. Also, their fully-comprehensive maintenance packages guarantee you a quick response. Furthermore, the printing specialists are friendly, efficient and always keen on timely delivery. Whether you are looking for people who can offer the best graphic design solutions or business card printing in Edmonton, these companies can help.