April 13, 2024

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Planning a summer garden renovation?

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The Great British summer brings sunshine, warmth and longer days – perfect for clearing your garden and completing DIY work you pushed to the back of your mind during the winter.

You need to think about what needs the most attention in your garden and plan your project from beginning to end. Hiring a skip from Leyland Skips will enable you to get rid of what you don’t want, without needing to make tireless trips to the tip which can cost you valuable time and effort.

Unsure where to start? Let Leyland Skips help you.

  • Sort out garden decking

If you’re sprucing up your garden for the summer, an ideal place to start is with the garden decking. Decking can enhance the appearance of your garden if installed correctly and well-maintained. Marks of disrepair and dirt are nothing power washing and staining cannot solve – leaving your decking as good as new.

For decking beyond repair, whether it be well-worn, rotted with damp or riddled with insects, domestic skip hire Leyland comes in extremely useful, allowing you to get rid of the damaged boards and bask in the summer sun.

  • Trim trees

Overhanging branches may not seem like a big deal but if they aren’t trimmed regularly, they become annoying and not to mention, dangerous – causing various injuries.

After cutting and raking tree branches, don’t just leave them to pile up in your garden. Skip hire Leyland is a sensible option and more environmentally friendly than burning waste.

  • Fix garden fencing

Is your garden fencing lacking TLC? Be it broken nails or splintered wood, you don’t want your family, friends or pets falling over or hurting themselves.

If you can, repair the broken panels to restore a sense of privacy and security. For panels which are completely damaged and too difficult to fix, consider making the most of skip hire Leyland.

Leyland Skips supply a wide range of skips which make it easier for you to dispose of such items, allowing you to improve your garden and make it safer.

  • Clear out garden shed

Sheds are often used as dumping grounds for the things we don’t know how to use or where to store, but this shouldn’t be the case. Your garden shed should be organised and you should be able to find the equipment you need, whenever you need it.

With the weather being warmer, why not spend some time sorting your garden shed and throwing out what isn’t used or needed? Skip hire Leyland is a great way to remove leftover materials from your project or broken tools which are sat collecting dust.

Remember, not everything can be thrown in skips and you are responsible for everything that’s found inside when Leyland Skips collect it from your premises. Make sure you keep prohibited items, such as chemicals, oils and paint cans, out of the skip.

Now you have an idea for where to start, be sure to book a skip online at Leyland Skips. The team is always on hand to guide and advise you if you’re unsure which skip size you need, so feel free to contact them on 01772 957 509 today.