July 16, 2024

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Most Common HOA Neighbour Disputes in Gilbert

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Although the HOA board tries to maintain a peaceful environment in their community, some neighbor disputes are bound to occur. Neighbors themselves resolve some issues. However, some of them can take an ugly turn. With the help of Gilbert HOA management companies, the HOA board should take the necessary steps to resolve them. 

Here are the top common neighbor disputes.

Most common neighbor disputes


Noise complaints are the most common neighbor disputes. Whether it is the barking of a dog or the sound of a lawnmower or parties late at night, almost everyone has experienced noise issues from their neighbors. 

Often, residents can solve these issues by directly speaking with the neighbor, explaining the problem to them, and finding a solution together. However, in disagreements, the HOA board should step in and enforce some rules to avoid these. For example, they should set a specific time for turning off the music at night. 


The second most common dispute occurs because of pets. Some may complain about a dog’s barking at night, aggressiveness, or not picking a pet’s waste. The HOA should impose a set of rules regarding how many pets should be allowed in one house, when to leash the pets, and about picking up waste. 

Illegal activity

Illegal activities are not uncommon in today’s time. People may be involved in criminal activities such as using, dealing, and manufacturing drugs, gambling, or sexual harassment. When a homeowner complains about this, make sure to pay close attention to the accused. Not taking appropriate actions may harm the health and safety of the community members and ruin the valuable name of your association. 


Although most HOA’s provide parking for both homeowners and their guests, not all do. In such cases, people often park on the street or take up another person’s parking space. To resolve this, the board should set clear rules about how much parking each homeowner gets. 


Many people prefer to raise their children in a homeowner’s association. However, much like pets, small children can cause trouble if not paid attention to. Often people complain about the neighbor’s kids running around their lawn, throwing garbage in their boundary, and damaging their property. This can make their parents liable in the eyes of the law. In such cases, the parents should be advised to take the necessary steps. 

A dispute between two neighbors may sound like a minor issue. However, if not taken measures to resolve it, it can affect the entire community and disrupt the peaceful living ambiance. To avoid this, board members should address these problems as soon as possible. A good HOA management company can assist you in making the right decisions for problem-solving.