July 24, 2024

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Most Common Causes of iPhone Charging Port Damage

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Even if your iPhone is new, you may still experience charging issues. Some of these have to do with how you use your phone on a daily basis, while others are caused by the design of the iPhone itself. Here are some of the most frequent reasons people need to get their iPhone’s charging port repaired:

Dust, Dirt, and Debris

Even though you can’t totally avoid dust, when it comes into contact with your phone, damage can occur. It’s easy for specks of any type of particles (including dirt and dust) to enter through your phone’s small ports.

Unfortunately, this can often result in many issues with your devices, particularly with connectivity to charger ports. Over time, the build-up of particles will cause the connection between your charger port and cord. Since the connection is severed, it will appear as if your iPhone charging port is not working.


iPhone users often experience corrosion in the charging port when water and air mix. Corrosion corrodes the connection, weakening it so that your phone doesn’t charge as quickly or at all. Since corrosion happens gradually, it can be tough to tell whether this is occurring– especially since something like sweat while working out could wet the pocket and cause problems.

Bent Metallic Connector

Charging port repair is necessary when the metal stripe on the connector is bent. This easy-to-bend component is essential for connection to the motherboard. Bending can occur at any time and will result in a slow charging process.

A Broken Charger Port

A broken charging port is one of the most difficult problems to repair, and it usually occurs when too much force is applied to the port, causing it to disconnect from the root connection or break physically. Oftentimes, someone tries shoving a charging cord into the port forcefully. Unfortunately, this requires taking your iPhone to a professional repair shop such as the mobile phone repair Barnsley company for iPhone charging port replacement.

Loose Charging Port

This is commonly known as a slag charging port, and it can be caused by inserting your charging cable into your iPhone improperly, repeatedly charging your iPhone, not being cautious with your cell phone, or even using an incompatible charger or data cord with your iPhone.

The only difference between a loose charging port and a bent metallic connector is what they look like. With a slag charger port, the charger is disconnected from the motherboard. This means that the charging cord and the receiver aren’t able to connect.

While a bent port may still slowly work, you probably won’t be able to use a slag charger port until it’s been repaired. You’ll need a professional to replace the metallic port connector. With a loose port, you may be able to bend the charger to a specific degree and still be able to achieve a good, secure connection.

When your iPhone charging port is not working, it can be very frustrating.