April 18, 2024

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Maintenance Tips for Your Office Equipment

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Proper care of your office equipment will keep your business smoothly. Equipment forms a considerable part of the overall budget. Take care of this equipment so that needless repairs and replacements do not become necessary. Never wait for a unitfine machine to malfunction or stop working entirely instead prevent the issue before it occurs. Here are some care tips to keep your equipment safe, running effectively, prolong the usage of your office machinery and cut down on the cost of having them repaired.

Quality Office Equipment

Product quality comes with a price; however, in the long run, it may prove to be a more practical choice. Do not settle in purchasing a lesser priced counterpart for it may not be worth it. You save money by making sure that you’ll have fewer occurrences and a longer life for your office equipment. You won’t need to call in maintenance for every little technical problem that arises.

Follow the Manufacturer’s Guidelines

Do not discard the paper that comes when you buy your equipment. Familiarize yourself with the manufacturer’s essential care tips written in the owner’s manual for periodic service, maintenance, and inspection of equipment and systems. If you can’t find the printed manual, search for it online, and you should be able to find it. Setting up a maintenance plan for each component of your office equipment must be based on the manufacturer’s suggestion.

Position Equipment Properly

Positioning your equipment correctly can determine the life span of the technology. Don’t place any equipment in front or near a heater for it can cause the entire machine to overheat and this can actually be dangerous. Placing also your stuff next to a cold wall or window can be a problem. Place sensitive equipment in a separate space that is easy for employees to protect machinery from the damage of temperature changes, dust, and liquids. In general, avoid placing your equipment in any extreme conditions.

Regularly Clean the Machine

Dust and debris can lead to equipment failure and random shutdowns, so keeping a clean and fine screen with your computers and other equipment is vital. To remove these, clean the machine with the use of a can of compressed air and a small hand-held vacuum. The compressed air when sprayed down the machine, inside and out, will loosen up the dust and then using the vacuum clean up all remaining visible components. This method of cleaning can also be done in cleaning your CPU, computer keyboard, printer, and other machines. To prevent damage, never spray liquid directly onto your equipment and always wash your machine with manufacturer-approved cleaner. Essential maintenance and cleaning will sufficiently extend the usage life of your equipment. Decrease the amount of air pollution in your office by regularly cleaning the air-conditioners. Do not place food and drinks near your machines.

Attend to Paper Jams Quickly

A Jammed paper is more than just an inconvenience and can lead to problems when not resolved immediately. Paper jams often leave small amounts of paper fiber stuck in the machine, and these build up. The most common causes of paper jams are incorrectly inserted paper, damaged rollers, low-quality paper, and low-quality cartridges. Attend to this problem quickly, remove the paper and blow out the area of the jam to remove some of the fibers left. To prevent paper jams, make sure your device’s paper is correctly loaded into the slot or tray and pay attention to the tray’s needs like if the length or width guides need adjusting. Do not overload the tray with paper, do not mix the paper sizes or types in a single stack instead use only one kind of paper at a time, examine the device for any debris, and lastly, run regular device cleaning cycles. Take precautions by making sure that all users are trained to load the paper properly. Also, keep the paper in a dry place where it will not be exposed to humidity.

Have Regular Maintenance Performed

Have your printer, copier, computer, air-conditioners, and other office equipment scheduled for routine maintenance. Hiring a specialized technician with extensive knowledge in making repairs to each type of equipment can come and inspect, clean, and maintain your machines. This way, your machines can have a longer life span and will help you make the most out of your investment. You should also have an emergency shutdown procedure for critical equipment and educate your employees on these procedures.

Employees’ Training

You must orient your employees on how to properly use the office appliances to avoid any damages. Do training or leave a simple manual near every machine, so anyone who will use the machine knows how to use the equipment properly. Do this to avoid damaging the devices while preventing workplace injuries. Your employees will be aware and not be confused, plus your machines will be safe.

Use the Right Products

Do not use a less expensive brand or recycle ink cartridges. If you think you are actually saving money by doing this, you’re wrong. It will create a mixer that can damage the interior components of your equipment and thus leads to expensive repairs or replacements of devices. Invest in high-quality paper and ink cartridges because cheaper papers have a habit of shedding fine shavings into the mechanisms, rapidly deteriorating their efficiency.

Have Electrical Systems Checked

Office equipment uses a lot of electricity when several pieces of equipment are operating at one time. This may cause power surges or small fires that can extensively damage wirings. Prevent this by contacting an electrician to fix the problem. To avoid electrical outrages, an office may need to add additional power outlets or surge strips. Cords should be places with a separator, organized, and maintained in specialist cable housing or simply even restricted with cable ties for safety. All equipment should also be plugged into a surge protector power sockets to prevent fatal damage and data loss from power spikes.

Document Management Solutions and Ransomware Protection

Keeping your office equipment updated and secured is a must. Safeguard your business from IT disasters, human error, and malicious activity. Protect your business with guaranteed business continuity with uninterrupted access to data on-site, in-transit, and in the cloud.

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