April 13, 2024

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The Journey Of Peter Loftin Along The Road Of Charity

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Business and charity very often do not go hand in hand. Most of the people, whoever hit the road of success, tend to forget about the hard past they had. If they did not have to deal with any hardship in their life, this is highly unlikely that they will put a lot of effort in charitable works. Peter Loftin is a pleasant and charming difference to this stereotype.

Despite of not facing that much hardship in his childhood and coming from a loving family, Loftin contributed and still has been doing so a lot for the causes of charity, especially for the benefit of the people from the United States and their children. Today’s world is filled with several problems, such as, intolerance, terrorism, child labour and so on. This is why it needs more people like Loftin, who can aid to the work for the good cause and will not be busy with just earning money.

A brief history about Loftin and how he started the charity work

Hailing from North Carolina, Loftin belonged to a family, which included a loving school-teacher mother and a strict but loving father. From his very childhood, Loftin had a dream to become one of the most successful entrepreneurs of all time.

Right after his first semester at the North Carolina State University, he took the first step towards fulfilling his dream and started to sell cordless phones by going from door to door. Soon enough, he founded the Business Telecom Inc. or BTI and gradually became the Chairman of the Board there. He started his charity work along with this.

Loftin and some of his most well-known charity work

Loftin started his charitable work with a volunteer work, giving winter coats to the children of America. Among all, children, who had dark past or abusive parents and other psychological problems, were the priority to receive this much needed gifts during the cold, harsh months of winter. Needless to say, thousands of children have been benefitted through this great initiative, called, ‘Coats For Kids Foundation’.

Apart from the coats, Peter Loftin has always remained one of the greatest and most loyal supporters of arts. Like a true patron, he has contributed some of the largest contributions to the Raleigh City of North Carolina. There he developed the amazing BTI Center for the Performing Arts. During the year 1999, he contributed approximately $3.1 million to the Performing Arts Center.

The Police Athletic League and the North Carolina Museum of Science have been also supported by the Loftin. Established in the year of 1958, the Miami Beach Police Athletic League is one of the oldest Police Athletic Leagues in Florida. The league has successfully included thousands of eligible young people, in order to make them aware of the criminal acts and the preventive measures. Peter Loftin is one of the Board of Directors of the Miami Beach Police Athletic League. So, those were some of his most well-known charitable works, worthy of being remembered.