April 18, 2024

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Is the Insurance Company Devaluing Your Claim? Here’s How to Respond to It

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Typically, insurance carriers offer the least amount of compensation possible to victims of car accidents. If you get a lowball offer from an insurance company, you may be worried that this amount is not enough to cover your expenses and losses. Thankfully, car accident attorneys Los Angeles can explain to you all potential options you have after an insurer undervalues your injury claim. You can consult with an attorney for free. 

Common Reasons Insurance Companies Undervalue Insurance Claims

When an insurance company deals with an injury claim, it will focus on reducing the amount of money it will pay to the victim. Claims adjusters will examine every element of a claim to look for factors they can use for reducing your payout. One of these factors is whether you are able to minimize your damage following the crash, including getting medical treatment and care. If you did not see a doctor right after the collision, the company may argue that your actions may have caused your condition to worsen. 

Moreover, missing medical appointments for your treatment can hurt your claim. The insurer may assert that you failed to aid your recovery and ensure your condition does not get worse. In fact, they may also question the seriousness of your injury. These mistakes can give the company a reason to reduce your compensation or even deny your claim. 

Making a Counteroffer

You are not obliged to accept the low settlement offer from the insurance provider. Your injury lawyer may advise you to make a counteroffer. Also, the insurer may counter your offer. The negotiation process may have to go back and forth as you try to reach a settlement that is favorable to both parties. 

Taking Your Case to Trial

Your attorney can continue to negotiate with the insurance adjuster until one of them refuses to make more offers. If you are still not happy with the offer the insurance company ends up making, you can file a lawsuit against them in court. But, a lot of lawsuits can be settled before a trial. With a settlement, the insurance company can avoid the extra expense of facing you in a trial. Also, they can avoid paying a higher compensation amount that the jury will determine. 

Experienced attorneys will work hard to ensure you get awarded compensation that can cover your injury-related expenses and losses. These experienced negotiators can take your case to trial if negotiations fail.