April 19, 2024

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Immigrating Into the United States: What are Your Options?

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The United States is the top destination for a lot of people across the globe. However, as aspirants start their journey into the new life, they have to consider a lot of things. This is the reason visa applicants must consider working with an experienced Dallas Immigration Visa Lawyer. The attorney takes care of the paperwork and makes sure all requirements are met with utmost accuracy.

Why Move to the U. S?

Every year, thousands of people apply for a U. S. green card to try to live their American dream. The following are the most common reasons immigration to the U. S. is quite attractive:

  • Embrace the American way of life. For a lot of people, the U. S. is a destination to fulfill their dreams. This is especially true for those who desire freedom and want to lead a self-determined life.
  • Take advantage of work opportunities. The United States has the biggest and most active economy in the world, giving a wide range of career opportunities. This makes it a top destination of choice for those who want to pursue the dream of professional growth.
  • Complete better education. The U. S. is home to many prestigious educational institutions. Many men and women dream of graduating from one of the top universities and colleges in the country.
  • Reunited with family members. A foreigner who falls in love with an American citizen can be eligible for immigration to the country. Also, children, parents, or siblings from abroad can get permanent resident status in the U. S.

Immigration Options

Below are the most common ways to make the dream of immigration to the U. S. into reality:

  • Family-based immigration. Spouses, unmarried children under the age of 21, and parents of Green Card holders or U. S. citizens can be granted the right to live permanently in the U. S. For siblings and children over 21 years of age, a limited contingent of Green Card is available to them.
  • Employment-based immigration. Those who sign a contract with a company in the U. S. are eligible for employment-based immigration. The visa is bound to the respective position and doesn’t grant a lifelong right of residence in the country. But, it provides an opportunity to establish a livelihood here.
  • Green Card Lottery. The U. S. government draws the yearly draw of 55, 000 permanent residence permits through the Green Card Lottery or the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program. But, the application process is quite complicated and rules tend to slightly change from year to year. Even minor formal mistakes can disqualify applications, so seeking support can bring them an advantage.