April 13, 2024

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How To Set Up The Perfect Office Cubicle

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There are many office designs and workplace décor ideas that you can use to create an efficient working environment. Cubicles have become very popular in offices due to their design that can fit many people into a small space. It is also ideal for departments where a group or team of people need to work closely together.

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Cubicles allow for workplace privacy in cases where employees have to make phone calls throughout the day. Some employees also have to work with private and sensitive information, so privacy can be a major benefit to using cubicles. Read more to learn how you can create the best cubicle set up for your employees. 

Size and Height Matters

The number of people that need to work together, and the size of the office space are going to determine what type of cubicle you can install. First, figure out how many people need to share the cubicle, but remember to account for any potential staff growth. If the office environment may call for renovation in the future, you will also want to be sure that the cubicle you choose will fit into any other room or space. 

Privacy is important to many employees. Some people work better when they are isolated and, in their comfort zone, while others need constant interaction. You will want to go for cubicles that offer high walls for employees that need to work with company data or manage customer accounts. For marketing and creative departments, a low wall for semi-open office spaces is more suitable. This can allow for staff interaction for brainstorming sessions while maintaining a separate workspace for each employee.

Cubicle Add-Ons

One of the greatest things about office cubicles is that they can be customized in a variety of ways. If you have a low-bearing wall cubicle you can still add extenders to increase the height. This makes cubicles versatile so you can use the same one for many different reasons.

Cubicle wall extensions are especially easy to install and relatively cost-effective. There are even some DIY options if you have the right tools. 

Personalize the Space

Cubicles can be a great option for many employees, with some stating that it increases their productivity at the office. There is more privacy for those who are not comfortable sitting in an open space where everyone can hear your phone calls or see you all day. To make a cubicle even more effective, allow employees to decorate it in any way they like. If an employee feels comfortable being surrounded by indoor plants or pictures of their family, they are more likely to be less stressed.

Cubicles can also have doors added to them to allow for more privacy in the workplace. Consider cubicles that already have doors or ones that can be easily customized later on. These are particularly useful for employees that work with financial or client information.

Overall, you want your employees to be comfortable so that they can do their jobs to the best of their ability. Sometimes changing the office environment and setup can help your employees to work better, and cubicles are the way to go.