April 14, 2024

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How to Seek Out New Contracts and Gig Work 

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When you are self-employed and trying to seek out new positions all the time, there is no doubt that it can prove to be a slog in so many ways. The process of seeking out contracts – whether they are long-term or short-term – can prove to be tough. Taking this into account, here are just a few ideas that you can put into practice that can help you out in the process.

Make Sure to Look on the Right Boards

There is no doubt that job boards are a place that people tend to go to first and foremost. However, these can easily start to become stale and not very useful if you are not using the right ones. So, you should ensure that you are using accredited ones that are relevant to the career that you are working in. For example, if you are a driver and looking for shipping work, you should be using a service that allows you to bid on driving work. This way, you are going for something that is suited to your needs and not wasting your time elsewhere. 

Keep on Networking 

While we live in a modern world in which so much is done online and a whole host of different services are automated, there is still no real substitute for having good contacts who can introduce you to different people. With this in mind, you certainly need to keep on networking as much as you can. This can be done both online and offline, but make sure that you are targeting events and going to the ones that prove to be the most useful to what you are doing. Don’t forget that networking works both ways, so consider helping others whenever you can, too.

Set Up Your Online Profiles Properly 

Rather than always going out to track down work, there is no doubt that it can help no end if you are having the work come to you. So, this means setting up a website that looks fit for purpose, as well as using it to showcase any portfolio work that you want to be showing off to new and potential clients. You should also have social media pages that are properly maintained, as these can also act as a vital means of contact. 

Approach Companies Directly 

Even if there are no companies that are currently looking for work, there is no harm in getting in contact with them in the first place, as this can prove to be a great way of getting your name out there, to begin with. At the same time, you may also be able to demonstrate how proactive you happen to be and what you can offer to them. 

These are a few different ideas that you can put into practice as a way of ensuring that you always have a steady stream of work coming through the door, so now is the time to give it all a go to see how it works out.