April 19, 2024

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How to Fully Maintain a Grow Room

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Diligence and hard work go into creating a great and fruitful grow room. The grow room needs to maintain and support the correct environment.. Grow rooms, which are crops grown indoors, mimic the same conditions of oxygen, humidity, temperature and ventilation as an outdoor environment. When done correctly, indoor gardens and grow rooms are maintained by using timers, thermostats and ventilation equipment. Follow the below checklist to make sure your grow room stays as prosperous and automated as possible.


Temperature plays an important role in keeping up the life of your grow room. If temperatures get too high, the plants will suffer significant damage and burn. Don’t be fooled into thinking that higher temperatures make plants grow faster, this is an untrue myth. When temperatures begin to rise in the grow room, it decreases the water content in the plants, therefore the plants die. The first warning signs of high temperatures are when the leaves of the plant begin to turn yellow. Yellow spots on the green leaves of small seedlings will also be an instant sign that the room is too hot. Pay close attention that the lighting fixtures aren’t too close to the plants. Set the lights to the correct position to prevent the plants from wilting. Test to see if the lights are in the correct place by placing your hand directly under it, if it’s too hot for your hand, it’s too hot for the plants.


Having the correct airflow is just as important as having the proper temperature. Air flow is a must when maintaining a grow room, without air the plants can’t grow. The circulation in the room should work in a circle with fresh air coming in and hot air from the grow room going out. Using exhaust and oscillating fans will help achieve this. Ventilation stops the temperatures from getting to high and allows fresh oxygen to reach the plants. Fans also help with controlling the humidity in the room. A room with high humidity increases the risks of fungus, diseases and destructive bugs destroying the crop. If your grow room has a programmable thermostat and AC unit, take advantage of the temperature settings to cool or heat the room to the correct temperature when needed. Enlist the help of a grow room electrician if you’re unfamiliar with setting up ventilation systems.


Timers work great at automating the grow room process of fans, lights and watering cycles. Timers can control the light schedule, such as 18/6 or 12/12. Timers should also be used to control fan and exhaust times within the grow room. While you can manually check the exhaust, lighting and watering schedule yourself, having a timer makes the process simple and easy. It works great as a hands-free device to maintain your room if you won’t be able to monitor it for a couple of days. Timers are a requirement when the flowering stage of your plants arrive. The timer will turn on and off as set, just make sure to filter in the growth of your plants when adjusting the lights.