April 19, 2024

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How To Do Better With SEO In 2019? Find Here!

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Voice search, mobile indexing first, focus on long-tail keywords – SEO trends are changing faster than ever. Unfortunately, a lot of startup owners, business founders and entrepreneurs believe that they can have a website, install a plugin like Yoast and be done with SEO. Search Engine Optimization is more expansive now than ever, and it is absolutely necessary to have a concrete plan in place. Top agencies that offer SEO in Singapore always recommend businesses and enterprises to focus on the process like they would with branding.

In this post, we are discussing everything you need to know to set SEO right in 2019.


  • Hire the right agency. Believe it or not, this is the most critical step for succeeding with SEO. With a reliable marketing firm at work, promoting your company through organic means and content marketing would be an easy process. You can choose to hire an agency that’s experienced, well-versed and the right expertise to handle your brand needs. 
  • Focus on mobile website. With more than half of all internet searches being initiated on mobile sites, it is absolutely necessary to ensure that your website is responsive across all screens. Google has been focusing on mobile indexing first, which was first introduced in 2018, and that kind of reinforces the fact. 
  • More about content. All trends may change and evolve, but content will remain the most critical aspect of SEO. You have to create valuable, engaging and fresh content, which people want to read, and if you optimize content for keywords and focus on aspects like link building, Google will reward your website. 
  • Social media matters. Digital marketing is a comprehensive process, and what matters is a mix of many elements. Of all, SEO and social media remain dependent on one another. Contents and mentions on social media can help in bringing traffic and will add value to your brand, which is a big advantage. 
  • Website speed. Load time of your website is another critical aspect that matters, because on an average, a visitor doesn’t spend more than a few seconds on a portal. As such, you have to ensure that your web pages are optimized and there are no elements that cause disruptions in the way the people use the pages. 


On the final note, think of SEO as the long-term thing. Brands have to be constantly at it and include paid promotions in the right away to get the most of online marketing campaigns.