May 22, 2024

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How To Do A Motor Vehicle Search On PPSR?

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Before you buy a used car from NSW you would surely want to know a few things about it. Even if you get the information from the car seller, you would want to cross-check the information. The best way to do this is to Buy an affordable and quick REVS check Report in New South Wales.

As the REVS is no more available the details can be found at the PPSR or Personal Property Securities Register. This will not only give details about vehicles but also about the property. All details regarding your car and if there is any finance on it, will be mentioned here. You can also find if the car is a stolen one or written off. Let us see in detail how to make the search on PPSR.

What Do You Need?

Before you begin the search keep the below things handy.

  1. Your credit card/debit card information for making the payment.
  2. VIN, Chassis number or Manufacturer’s number. For all vehicles that are registered after

    1989 there will be a VIN number.

  1. Your e-mail id. Even if there is no e-mail id the detail will be available online

Beginning The Search

You can begin the search by watching the animated instructions so that you can understand the procedure better. You can stop the animation any time you want.

On the first page, you should click the “search by serial number” option. This will lead you to the next screen. In the next screen, first, you should select the “Motor Vehicle” option. Below that you will get three options.

  • VIN Number
  • Chassis Number
  • Manufacturer’s Number.

You can select the option depending on what number you have with you. After that, you can give a client billing reference. This is optional. But this will be printed on your receipt and can be used to search for the transaction in your account.

Once you have entered this you will be directed to the payment page. In the payment page enter the credit card or debit card details as mentioned on the card. You can enter your e-mail address below to get the receipt by mail. Once you confirm the payment you will be taken to the search result page.

In the result page, you can view all the details you want. There will be an option to send the certificate by e-mail to your id. Once you click on that, there will be an option to enter your e-mail id. You have to enter the e-mail id twice for confirmation. Once you have done this the certificate will be sent to you by e-mail.

Is The Search Certificate Legal?

The PPSR search certificate is a legal document. Even if your REVS check results for NSW doesn’t show any registrations it is better to save the certificate or get it mailed to you. If there are any attachments you can download them and save them too. if you have requested the certificate to be sent to you by e-mail then the attachments will also be sent my e-mail. The attachments form part of the details and should be kept together.