April 13, 2024

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How to Determine the Ideal House Size for Your Family

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If you in the real estate buying marketplace and are looking for houses for sale, you might be considering the many factors that can help you determine what size home is just right for your family. Here are some tips for choosing the perfect abode.

How Much Home is Affordable?

Experts today advise not spending more than 28 percent of your overall household income on mortgage payments to avoid going underwater on the loan or getting in over your head financially. Furthermore, be sure to have a minimum 20 percent down payment ready to ensure the best mortgage rates.

How Many Bedrooms?

Consider having enough rooms in the home for each individual and couple to have their own quarters. After all, children get older and don’t want to share spaces and infants that once shared mom and dad’s room will need their own room, so be prepared for these progressions. Having an extra bedroom for guests is a bonus, but not necessary.

How Many Bathrooms?

There needs to be at least one bathroom per floor, even if it’s a half bath downstairs for guests and for convenience when occupying lower floors. However, if bedrooms are on the lower floor, consider having at least one full bath as well. On upper floors, if there are three bedrooms or more, experts recommend having at least two bathrooms for convenience.

How Many Floors?

Single-story homes are ideal for seniors looking to age in place, those with young children or those looking to simplify cleaning routines that can be challenged by multiple-story residences. However, if a spacious layout with separated living and bedroom areas is essential, more floors may be useful.

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