April 18, 2024

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How the professional packaging solution provider can help you to deliver products to customer without any single scratch?

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Among the tasks that fall to a logistician is the choice of the professional packaging solutions provider. This product, which plays a major role in protecting the product before it lands in the hands of the consumer, must be carefully selected. Make a comparison of the offers by asking for a free quote online.

The functions of the packaging

Packaging is one of the four elements that make up the packaging of a product. These include inner packaging, outer packaging, configuration of product features and design. The packaging serves above all to protect the product from external aggressions. But it also ensures the transport and handling of the product in the best conditions. Perfect packaging must fullfill three functions. It must first serve as an outer shell to protect the product from external shocks. It will also be an inner mattress that dampens shocks and wedges the product.

Which packaging to choose?

The choices available on the market in terms of packaging are multiple. They are not necessarily adapted to the needs of everyone. Some models are more suitable for some than others. Choose your packaging taking into account a number of criteria such as preparation time to package the package, quality, weight, dimensions and the desired style, custom or standard.

Choose your supplier by asking for a quote

Through any online site, reduce your search time of a good packaging supplier by asking for a quote. You only have one thing to do to get there – fill out the dedicated form and send it back to the suppliers. In return, you will receive proposals from them who have been selected according to the nature of your project. By doing a comparison, you can significantly shorten your wait times to find the best manufacturer and distributor of packaging.

A few steps to follow

Your first step is to note how you want to full fill your orders. Some companies try drop-shipping, which means that the provider supports everything including storage, packaging and shipping to the customer. Partial self-realization or, self-fulfilment could be an interesting option. Here, you store your products in a logistic warehouse and, later send them to your potential clients. It costs a lot more, but you have greater control over the shipping process. Finally, you have one of the most common execution methods today, and that involves going to a third-party executing company.