July 24, 2024

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How Recruiters can Get Promoted to Senior Consultant Roles

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With Winter almost upon us many recruiters are starting to wind down with the intention of pushing themselves harder in the new year, however those looking to land senior  recruitment vacancies in London must push themselves harder now than ever before – and now, is the time to be making plans!

With many recruiters now putting off their big aspirations for promotion till the New Year, now it the chance for the most serious to up their games – Time for them to put their foot on the accelerator to ensure that their in the top picks for the greatest promotions when they come back to work after the Christmas break.

If you are looking to land a senior consultant role in your firm here are some of the things that you should trying to accomplish:

Boost your billing numbers – You should try and boost your billing numbers are much as possible, there are many different ways to do this. You should try to leverage referrals, boost your networking event attendance and scale up the number of pitches that you are making each week.

Develop your leadership skills – If you desire to be seen as leadership material you must show everyone, especially your managers, just how much leadership potential you have. When looking to promote team members to senior consultant managers look for the people that are the most prepared for it. If you want to be be promoted you should already be starting to build your leadership skills and reaching out to support other members within your team without letting your own workload be affected.

Signal your intentions – If you are looking to be promoted you should indicate this to your manager – It can sometimes be a good idea to sit down with your manager and discus your desires with them, showing them just how serious and committed you are. If you do not feel ready to sit down with your manager but want to stand out you should always arrive early, leave late, dress more professionally than usual and put your hand up for extra work.

Find a mentor – Try and find a mentor either in work or out of work, someone that has grown in all of the ways that you are looking to grow. If you find a mentor that has already walked in your shoes they will be able to share their own experiences with you and advise and guide you in all of the most appropriate ways.