July 16, 2024

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Here is Everything You Must Know about Commercial Construction

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The best and the simplest way to define commercial construction is to differentiate it from other forms of construction. We all are aware that construction is a process where things are built. It is categorized into three groups: industrial, commercial, and residential. Residential entails building family homes, condos, apartments etc. Commercial and industrial construction entails processes where businesses are built, like the construction of schools, hospitals, sawmills, markets, cafes, warehouses etc. These definitions may seem too obvious, but the minute and intricate detailing in these aspects are often overlooked. Every field of construction must pay heed to its own particular zoning needs, environmental impact limitations, building code and logistics. This is where DCM Group commercial construction comes to the rescue. We tend to look after each and every feature to accomplish your project successfully.

Facilities maintenance

Additionally, facility maintenance or simply facility management is different from both the aforementioned types of construction. It means to keep the spaces, structures and infrastructure in appropriate operating state, in a routine, scheduled, or anticipated way, and to keep all failures and degradation at bay. This entails the instant replacement of parts and systems which are not in accordance with professional engineering.

Commercial construction and facility maintenance entail details that aren’t too apparent or related to the initial construction process. Commercial construction is also indulged in the later stage design updates, like refurbishing or updating the outdated spaces. This entails rebranding efforts that include interior remodeling, new floors, and painting. Many technological factors are also taken into consideration that may need extra construction and maintenance tasks.

Small scale commercial construction

This includes projects that are associated with rebranding or merely changing the look of a structure. They mainly focus on updating the interior design of a building. In other words, taking an older space and giving it a fresh look, paint, new floors, and new technology. It is also referred to as light commercial construction.

Medium scale commercial construction

In order to keep buildings in top notch condition, you need to invest time and effort. Just because you have built a building, doesn’t mean it is perfect and your job here is done. Many alterations need to be made as time goes by. Medium scale projects are the one where the clients want to remodel, expand or restructure their building.

Large scale commercial construction

These projects are their own task in themselves. They have zero previous structure to work on. Here you will need some high scale jobs to get this done successfully. The projects entail building high rise buildings, dams, warehouses etc.