May 22, 2024

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Fridge van or fridge trailer?

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When you need fridge hire the leading firms offer more than one option and you’ll be able to choose the size of the fridge van or fridge trailer hire facilities. Top rated companies like Icecool Trailers who cover Berkshire, the Thames Valley, the Home Counties, South Wales, the Midlands and London offer pre-bookable and emergency vans and trailers.

There are pros and cons with any facility and here are just some of the key points to consider when selecting the right fridge hire unit for your needs.

Both the fridge trailer and fridge van hire options are on wheels but the fridge trailers are not to be towed by clients using their own vehicle which may not suit all users.

Whilst you may want to take full advantage of self-drive opportunities it is worthwhile to remember that the drawback with fridge vans is that you incur fuel costs and the hire fees will be loaded to cover the ongoing vehicle maintenance costs which the hire firm must pay to keep the vehicle insured and in working order.

Fridge van hire can prove costlier in terms of time when compared to fridge trailers and another alternative, static cold rooms. With fridge van hire you are responsible for the collection and delivery of the facilities. This may take time that you don’t really have to spare.

A positive benefit of fridge trailer hire is that the units are delivered to site, set up and at the end of the hire period they are collected by the hire company so the process becomes less of a hassle thanks to the professionals taking the bulk of the responsibilities.

Unfortunately, if you are truly unlucky you may find that your fridge van hire experience is hampered considerably by a breakdown whilst you are in transit. A mechanic, repairs and possibly replacement facilities will take time to reach you. Your stock will be in the van, slowly warming because the lack of engine power stops the heat being removed from the vehicle’s interior.

With a fridge trailer, if it breaks down on route to you or on the way back to the depot it’s the hire firm personnel who’ll be in charge and inconvenienced. (Their colleagues can efficiently deliver another unit to you.)

A fridge trailer can sit inside or outside a property and is small enough to be shielded by a screen if required. Fridge van hire units unsurprisingly remain outside and they may not squeeze in to a corner space which can make them a less attractive feature for functions than you may like.

The facilities from reputable firms should always meet legislation and never place the public at risk of a food safety incident.

Double check the insurance cover the hire firm provides and if this is inadequate please ensure that you take out an additional policy. Stock is often not covered under a policy from the fridge hire provider.

For more information please contact a professional supplier, they’ll be pleased to help you make your decision.