April 19, 2024

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  Free CRM Tools and Their Role in Learning Management

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Free CRM tools are of two types – freemium and open. In freemium, the limited numbers of users can operate the system for free. In open, the number of users can be unlimited. These CRMs get multiple names basis the functionality these deliver. For example, the CRMs can be names as payroll management software if it is used in payroll processing, or it can be called sales management if the process of sales is managed through it. One such area where CRM is finding its utility is learning management.

The learning management is a broad aegis that entails keeping information about the learners, the knowledge providers (teachers, tutors, professors or coaches) and all the information that results due to the interaction of these two. This is a new-age way of mentoring students and is aimed at reducing the paperwork to a bare minimum.

CRM tools help in achieving the objectives of learning management in the following ways:

  1. Dissemination of knowledge

Though attending classes is a positive point always and should always be encouraged, but an inclusive model of education takes care of those students too who cannot come to schools due to geographical and job constraints. Such students can be reached through the learning management system. The students can know of all the activities that happened in the class and have their notes and documents updated using their portal.

  1. Vacation planning

Very important information like a holiday calendar, too, can be uploaded on the learning management software. The parents can plan their vacations accordingly while avoiding absenteeism.

  1. Exams and co-curricular activities’ intimation

Important information like exams’ schedule and the calendar of co-curricular activities can also be uploaded on this system to keep all the students and parents aware of the happenings at their learning centers.

  1. Results upload

Learning management tool can bring transparency in the way students are assessed. The gradebook uploading, results’ intimation and even uploading of answer sheets can be done to let the parents know the knowledge level of their wards.

Thus, know about the top CRM systems and find out how to implement them in your school or college environment; it can certainly take off a lot of workload from the administrators.