April 13, 2024

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Essential Qualities to Look for in a Good Bankruptcy Lawyer

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If you are to find a good bankruptcy lawyer, it’s important to understand the essential qualities that the professional should have. If you know what you need, it’ll be easier to hire a competent and experienced bankruptcy lawyer in Toledo to represent you successfully.

There are several sources to find the best bankruptcy lawyer, including Legal Clinics, Legal Aid, Online Directories, Personal Referrals, Group Legal Plans, and Lawyer-Referral Panels, etc. It is up to you to judge every recommended bankruptcy lawyer by objective standards. Followings are some important qualities to look for in a bankruptcy attorney:

Competence: When it comes to handing a bankruptcy case, place your faith in an experienced attorney than a recent pass-out. An attorney, who is yet to handle a good number of bankruptcy cases, is also not the ideal person to trust. It is impossible for an incompetent bankruptcy attorney to practice long. Bankruptcy involves several crucial and functional parts. Make a single mistake and it will make you suffer heavily. Due to this, even the most experienced lawyers having zero experience of handling bankruptcy cases will not be willing to represent you.

Experience: You have already got an idea about why experience matters so much. It is most likely that an experienced lawyer has handled a variety of bankruptcy cases and has an enviable record of success. Some attorneys are comfortable with Chapter 13 cases whereas others prefer Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases involve complexities and that is why many lawyers with little experience don’t prefer accepting these. It is important for you to be sure that the lawyer you want to hire regularly deals with the chapter you will file.

Reasonable Fees: Even before seeking an appointment, make sure you can afford the attorney’s fees for Chapter 7, Chapter 11 or Chapter 13. If your bankruptcy case involves complexities, going with a cheaper option won’t be a better idea. It is likely to be the last on your priority list to hire someone who pays no individual attention and handles the paperwork like a ‘bankruptcy mill’. If your case is simple, there is no harm to look for a cheaper deal. Enquire about the fees charged by the experienced bankruptcy attorneys in your locality.

When you will finally meet your bankruptcy lawyer

Many lawyers offer a free consultation. Even if an attorney charges, never mind paying for the right advice from an experienced professional. Here are a few things to evaluate in your first face-to-face meeting with the lawyer:

Lawyer’s Availability: It’s important for you to know if the lawyer will guide you through the legal procedure himself or has a paralegal to handle the routine aspects. Also, ask the lawyer directly about when you can expect your call to be returned and requests for scheduling appointments to be granted.

Attentive to Your Ideas: If your lawyer pays little or no attention to your ideas, consider it a red flag. A good lawyer always feels comfortable while working with a well-informed client. The experience of a bankruptcy lawyer means a lot but if you don’t feel comfortable with the person or feel unwelcome in your first meeting, look around for a better option.