April 14, 2024

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Embrace Learning: Online Care Certificates

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It doesn’t matter whether you are a Heathcare Support Worker, an Adult Social Care Worker, or simply an individual looking to learn more about care, Embrace Learning, an e-Learning and online certificate provider, holds a range of care certificate courses to assist you – Offering an amazing Care Certificate course which allows learners to gain a care certificate for just £40 and without any disruptions.

Although this course can be taken by anyone, the majority of people that use this course work within the care industry, and choose to get this affordable certificate to meet the needs of their employers and the standards recently set out by the Care Quality Commission.

The great thing about this course is it allows for individuals to complete training and gain their certificates purely online, with the online materials for the Care Certificate including a range of activities and quizzes, in addition to a Self-Assessment Tool to aid users in learning throughout their Embrace Learning experience. Workbooks are also provided as part of this course including questions that can either be answered on screen or printed off and filled in.

The Care Certificate is incredibly diverse, including many topics including but not limited to personal development, duty of care, equality and diversity, communication, compassion, dignity, privacy, nutrition, mental health awareness, safeguarding, basic life support, handling information and infection prevention and control.

Anyone requiring further information about this care eLearning certificate course should visit the Embrace Website today where they will also be able to instantly purchase the course for just £40. Once this course if bought it can be accessed straight away and can be used for 330 days. People wanting to purchase multiple courses can also receive huge discounts, so check out their other courses.