April 13, 2024

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Different Types of Packaging Materials and Their Benefits

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Did you know that UPS delivers tens of millions of packages every year? With the rise of the internet, online shopping, and faster communication in general, more items are being packaged and shipped than ever before. 

If you are a business that sells a tangible product, choosing the right packaging material can seem like a daunting task. However, here are some of the top packaging materials and what they are used for so you can make an educated decision.

Plastic Packaging

Plastic is one of the most popular choices for packaging because it is durable and comes in a variety of different shapes. For instance, you can get plastic bags, or you can even put items in plastic tubes like these to prevent damage during the delivery process. Many types of plastic packaging are also recyclable, so you can reduce your carbon footprint.

Chipboard Packaging

If you want something like cardboard but more lightweight, chipboard packaging may be the way to go for your needs. However, you need to ensure you only use chipboard if you sell locally. Chipboard does not hold up well during the shipping and handling process.

Rigid Boxes

For securing expensive products, many companies rely on rigid boxes to do the trick. You can put your products in these boxes before you use another material, such as cardboard, for extra security.

You can even customize these boxes to make them appear fancier if you have a high-end product. These can be more expensive, but if you sell a premium product, they may be worth it to your customers.

Cardboard Packaging

When it comes to the right packaging material, cardboard is one of the most reliable and cheapest routes that you can take. Cardboard is perfect for shipping, so you do not have to worry about much damage if you place your items in cardboard boxes.

Corrugated cardboard is made of multiple layers of paper, to provide even more protection. Next time you get a cardboard box, you can tear apart the pieces to see how the cardboard is structured. It will often have a wavy layer in the center of flat layers.


Do you want to get eco-friendly and have a fun piece of reusable product packaging? Cotton is rather new on the scene, but it is a trendy way to sell your products.

If you still want to ship your products, you will need to place the cotton container in a more sturdy product packaging, such as cardboard. However, cotton packaging can be repurposed in an infinite number of ways.

Choose the Right Packaging Materials

Depending on what your business needs, you should be able to make an informed decision about packaging materials for your product. With these and many other options, you can have the right packaging material.  If you need wholesale packaging supplies, then it can affect your cost of purchasing massively.

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