July 16, 2024

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Cork for All Your Needs

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When it comes to enriching the interiors of any room, one of the most visually appealing materials that you can think of is cork. Used on floors, walls and even ceilings, cork is a member of the natural wood family and has a variety of benefits. It can be found in different colors, painted, stained and even blends wonderfully well with most interiors. It is also easy to maintain and provides great thermal and sound insulation. It is for these reasons that cork is considered to be visually appealing, attractive as well as functional.

Cork Rolls for Your Bulletin Boards

Be it for your home, classroom or office, cork is one of the best materials you can get if you want to install a bulletin board. Manton cork products come with 4’ x 6’ cork sheets in varying levels of thickness. Apart from bulletin boards, these cork rolls can be used for DIY projects like coasters and placemats. Now that sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

Cork Sheets

On the other hand, if you want to cover an entire wall, we have a range of composition cork sheets in different lengths that you can buy. These sheets are available in varying levels of thickness too.

These are easy to install and maintain and can also be painted with the color you want or stained. You can also get them in custom cut lengths.

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Cork for Thermal Insulation and Sound Control

If thermal insulation and sound control are what you want, we provide cork designed to especially meet these needs. Cork underlayment is a natural material that is quick to install, environment friendly and economical too.

Our cork underlayment rolls come in different sizes and are also independently tested according to ASTM standards, so you can be sure about its acoustical values. These sheets can also be used for flooring as they offer crack protection too.

Cork for All Your Needs

It doesn’t end there. At Manton, we also produce corks that you can use to make things like balls, cubes, blocks, tubes, cylinders and various other products.

So, no matter what your needs are, just reach out to us and we will provide you with cork in every conceivable shape and size and even get it delivered to you on time and within your budget.

What makes cork so interesting is the variety of things you can do with it from moulding, drilling and die cutting. The possibilities are endless.