April 19, 2024

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Common Wireless Network Problems At Convention Centers

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When setting up your event Wi-Fi at a convention center, you will face some or all these common problems that I am going to show you.

I have also included at the end how you can avoid these problems so you can offer your end-users an optimum Wi-Fi experience.

1# The Source of the problem

Most of the times when your processes hit a snag it can be hard to know the source of the problem. It may be the network infrastructure of the convention center, the device, the application, or the ISP.

2# User Complaints

If you are worried that you won’t know immediately when the signal strength of your W-Fi drops, worry no more because you will see it on the faces of your guests. Don’t wait until users start fielding in their frustrations for you to deal with. Or get the news of a network breakdown from your audience.

3# Lots of troubleshooting

Your team spends a lot of time running troubleshoots without finding the real problem. You and your team can’t pinpoint where the problem lies specifically.

What you should do.

You can employ the use of performance monitoring so you and your team can control the performance in real time.

Performance monitoring is an important element of a successful wireless internet network. It will allow you to automate troubleshooting instead of manually doing it every time you run into trouble.

Performance monitoring will also allow your backstage team to be proactive, as they will have clear visibility of the Wi-Fi path and how the network is interacting with end-users.

By using this method, you will spend less time troubleshooting and focus on ensuring your end-users have a great experience.

Performance monitoring is still a new concept but it has gained momentum recently in the field of wireless network connection. It will allow your attendees to get a consistent and reliable experience from a functioning Wi-Fi.

Of course, you will experience fewer problems if you select the best event Wi-Fi vendor. Follow this link to learn how to choose the Wi-Fi solution provider for your upcoming event.