May 22, 2024

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Choosing a suitable access lift for your business

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When it comes to choosing an access lift for your business, Level Access Lifts can help! Before you choose which of our platform lifts or cabin lifts are most suitable for you, you should consider the following factors:

Who will use your building?

Depending on what type of business you have, you should adapt the building to make it welcoming for your target customer. Will your business offer products and services that are suitable for an array of customers? If so, you’ll want to make sure that your service users have easy access to your building! Does your building offer suitability for customers who have disabilities? If you want to attract more visitors to your business, you should not discriminate against disabilities or those with special requirements, otherwise, you may miss out on custom!

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How can you make your building wheelchair friendly?

With Level Access Lifts, you could install one of our platform lifts to your building. This would appeal to customers who require wheelchair access because they will easily be able to enter your building with ease.

What about one of our cabin lifts? These are different to the platform lifts, and are what you might be more commonly acquainted with. Allowing all to have easy access between different floors of your building, these provide safety and efficient transportation for your employees and visitors.

What are the benefits of making your business welcoming to wheelchair users?

If your business is easily accessible, it’s inevitable you’ll entice more customers in! However, if your business doesn’t offer an alternative to steep steps or stairs, like a platform lift, you’re likely to turn customers away because they can’t get into your building, and neither can they explore your products and services if they are on a different level.

If you make your business welcoming to disabled customers, your business will generate a positive reputation, catering for the needs and demands of customers with disabilities, which also shows that you’re working in line with the Disability Equality Act.

Why Level Access Lifts?

Here at Level Access Lifts, we have a wide range of products for you to choose from which will make your user’s experience simpler and more enjoyable. Choose from our cabin lifts and platform lifts to provide your users with equal opportunities. But what’s the difference between cabin and platform lifts?

Our cabin lifts are similar to elevators, making them ideal if you’re looking for a reliable method of transportation for customers who cannot physically manage stairs. Whereas the cabin lift is designed to ascend and descend smoothly, our range of platform lifts are more flexible, they can be enclosed (like the cabin lifts) or open but they too provide smooth transportation, so your customers don’t have to negotiate steps!

If you’re looking for easy installation of a platform or cabin lift, look no further than Level Access Lifts. Not only is the installation process quick and easy, we tailor it to offer maximum functionality and to suit your business’ environment, as well as your budget.

If you require any advice about which access lift suits your needs best, get in touch with Level Access Lifts today!