April 13, 2024

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Call Center Coaching Tricks to Remember

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If you are a call center manager, you must ensure all your agents have the proper resources to reach the desired effects. In some cases, coaching sessions can help you guide to meet your business goals.

For instance, one of the ways to keep your agents engaged is to implement gamification. We are talking about gaming tactics to help them learn more about tasks and keep them motivated along the way.

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This strategy effectively creates friendly competition and team building, which will help you in different aspects. 

You can implement various techniques based on your preferences, including role-playing exercises during training or situations where agents compete against each other.

Role-playing is a practical and helpful process for agents because you can create realistic situations and challenges which will allow them to act and understand them before they occur. 

One person should play an agent, while the other the caller. Then they should switch roles to obtain various perspectives. That way, agents will better understand customers from their views, which will ultimately affect their behaviors.

Address Different Challenges 

When it comes to coaching sessions, you should handle issues you have noticed in the past from real life. Therefore, you should observe the way your agent’s function and how they should improve themselves individually.

At the same time, we recommend you avoid being vague but help them improve the overall situation. The main idea is for them to properly understand issues they are facing, which will prevent them from repeating in the future.

Besides, it would be best to teach them how to avoid unacceptable behaviors, patterns, and lousy performance.

The main goal is to discuss different examples of potential problems and tell them about successful ways to handle them. If you neglect this aspect, you will not be able to solve these issues correctly, which will affect your business.

Fill Their Knowledge Gaps

Some agents require more support, especially in specific areas. For instance, a minor issue can lead to underperformance, which you should take care of. 

Therefore, you should pay attention to the potential knowledge gaps of your agents. If you are not sure about it, you should create a survey that will provide their feedback. Ask them about aspects of training in the support field they wish to handle.

At the same time, ask them about potential aspects that may help them do jobs better than before. By gathering information about their gaps, you will become a better manager and coach than before.

You should avoid taking advantage of the low performance of a particular agent, but ask yourself what you should do to prevent that behavior. Instead of waiting for them to change, you should help them fill knowledge gaps, which will be helpful to your business as well.

We recommend you to visit this website: https://www.wikihow.com/Start-a-Call-Center to learn how to start a call center. 

Give Them Regular Feedback

One of the most effective ways to ensure productivity in call center management is to provide feedback as the regular part of management and training. 

We are not saying that you should think about negative aspects, but provide constructive criticism and positive feedback.

You can provide them a sense of encouragement and motivation, which means not focusing on negative aspects, but help them improve as time goes by.

If you notice a recurring issue with your agents, you should help them fix and deal with them before it creates havoc. 

The main goal is to highlight positive reinforcement in combination with enthusiasm, which will increase overall motivation, among other things. That will help your team understand what they should do and how to stay on the right track.

Take Advantage of Call Data

Remember that the most effective way to ensure proper coaching is to use relevant data from phone calls. You can take advantage of data analytics, which will help you determine behavior patterns.

That way, you can make improvements based on the facts, which will help you define different areas where you need more effective training. At the same time, leveraging data will provide you with new options for coaching, technology, and support, among other things.

You can also use data analytics to reference specific situations to your agents. Therefore, when you tell them that a particular metric has fallen or risen to a particular period, you may help them understand everything along the way.

For instance, answering calls on the fourth ring is not the same for a customer compared to the second and first. If you notice this pattern, you should ensure they answer on time, allowing them to complete all support tickets quickly.

Let Them Know Everything About Expectations

It does not matter which industry you work for because another challenge you may consider is uncertainty. In case goals and expectations are not transparent, you will have trouble understanding the current situation.

Therefore, you must be as specific as possible for certain things such as:

  • Call answering expectations
  • Response time
  • Script agents should use 
  • Something to say if agents do not have answers
  • Answers they should never say

The best way to aim towards a goal as a team is to make sure that a particular agent understands the importance of purpose and performance. This information will allow them to understand their place and stay on the same page with you. Therefore, you should implement proper call center coaching, which will help you with the process. 

Finally, it would be best if you avoided micromanagement because you will reduce the overall motivation. Therefore, let them have freedom and space, which will increase overall productivity, among other things.