April 12, 2024

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Business ideas you should focus in 2022

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Now not only C students with big ambitions can open their own business. Almost anyone is able to start an entrepreneurial activity, there would be a desire. Sometimes a small budget is enough, the most important thing is to decide what you would like to chop cabbage on.

Instagram TV and YouTube

It’s the biggest thing right now – you should start uploading content and getting authority in a particular industry. Pick any niche and start producing high quality videos. If you upload videos on YouTube, then you are missing a chance with IG TV. Instagram started competition with YouTube. It’s still fresh stuff and you should jump in the wagon while it’s easy. Buy IGTV view for the videos, upload frequently (it could be daily uploads) and stay engaged with the fans. It’s a secret of success on IGTV.

Coworking center 

Now the coworking market is growing rapidly due to the popularity of remote work, when you can fully work from home. However, sometimes the situation in your native nest leaves much to be desired or does not at all inspire you to work. Therefore, a coworking center is a great alternative for remote workers. This is a place that should be able to fully replace the office, where you can come and work in silence.

What services should a normal coworking center offer?

  • Workplace rental – permanent or one-time (it may include: use of office equipment, Internet access, the ability to use a coffee machine and a cooler).
  • Renting a hall for conferences, business meetings, seminars, exhibitions, creative evenings (the price includes the use of equipment).
  • Conducting seminars by coworking organizers, inviting speakers and experts. This service is aimed at attracting customers.
  • Starting investments: from 1 million dollars (for the purchase or rental of premises, repairs, purchase of equipment and furniture, staff salaries).

Cleaning company

There are two options for earning, you can divide, or you can combine: Provide office cleaning services. Because today it is much more expensive to keep a technical employee on staff than to hire a cleaning agency under an outsourcing agreement. In addition, for a full-time employee, you need to pay taxes and insurance premiums.

Services can be provided to individuals. Either after repair, or just carry out the usual weekly cleaning of the apartment. Now for people, everyday life is often a burden that takes time and effort. It is easier to pay, and devote a couple of hours to family, rest or work (where an hour of work will be paid higher than an hour of cleaning).

To organize the workflow at the initial stage, you need inventory and household chemicals. If you do not plan to do the cleaning, you will need to hire staff. As you expand, you may need a dispatcher or office manager.

Additional costs  – a small storage room for cleaning. But, as an alternative, all this can be stored on the balcony or in the garage. At least the first time.

De-stress room

Psychological relief is a must. Someone throws out the accumulated negative energy with the help of sports, someone is helped by outings into nature. But some hunt to destroy and break everything. And here rooms of rage come to the rescue , where you can not control your emotions, mercilessly beat dishes and various household appliances. To start, a semi-basement with good sound insulation and no windows is suitable.

You also need equipment for crashing:

  • bits, hammers, sledgehammers;
  • protection kit (helmets, plastic goggles, disposable overalls, respirators).
  • The kit is basic and is updated as it wears out.

But items for destruction are purchased separately for each guest. For the first time, you can not spend money on this part if you clean up a balcony or garage with your closest friends where trash is stored. Later, you can purchase used merchandise on free classifieds services or in local groups on social networks such as “I’ll give it away”. Everything that can be destroyed and turned into dust will come in handy: wooden furniture, teapots, mirrors, TVs, and so on.