April 18, 2024

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Brick n’ Mortar Sales: How to Market at Business Events Effectively

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While online marketing is important, so is forming in-person connections. Click here to learn how to market at business events with posters, flyers, and swag.

Businesses are learning more and more about the powerful effect of business events. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, event and meeting planning is expected to grow more than 10% every year.

In the evolving business landscape, knowing how to market at business events is one of the tools that can help you stay on top. Read on for these quick tips to take your event marketing to the next level.

How Can I Market at Business Events?

Many simple marketing tips at business events flow from one simple principle. Making connections at business events can be broken down into smaller engagements. Your goal is to make sure that each part of the process leads to the next, starting with the first engagement.

Before You Meet

The first engagement anyone has with you at a business event is simply seeing you. That includes you as a person, any associates that are with you, and any materials you have. The goal at this step of engagement is to get people to “sign up” for the second engagement: talking to you or reading your materials.

To make people interested in engaging with you further, you have to make sure that your appearance is interesting to them. Knowing how to market at business conventions includes presenting yourself and your materials as professionally and appealing as possible.

Along with making sure your dress and grooming are professional, put some extra effort into your materials and your booth, if you have one. Your materials are your marketing tools for business events.

While it costs more to make things look nice, the fact is that shoddy-looking materials are enough all by themselves to make most people disregard you.

When You Meet

Once people are interested in talking to you, you want to encourage them to “sign up” for the next engagement: making a connection, scheduling a meeting, or making a purchase. Plan how you’ll talk to people that approach you and make sure your associates are familiar with your plan. Show interest in other people and find out which of their needs your business can help with.

After You Meet

Another great way to find connections is to share your contacts with businesses that share your market. You probably don’t want to share with competitors, but everyone else is fair game. Offer to exchange contacts with each other and you can both double your contacts.

Once you have your contacts, time your follow up appropriately. It’s best to give people at least one day after the event to relax and unwind. However, don’t wait much longer, or they may forget your interactions.

With these tips, you’ll be able to make the most out of business events. You might consider finding a venue to host your own meeting or conference. The Midlothian Conference Center is the perfect venue for corporate events, trade shows, social events, and more.

Learn How to Market At Business Events

We hope you found something helpful in this brief piece about how to market at business events. To find great tips about marketing and every other part of business, check out our other pages.