April 13, 2024

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Best Solutions with the Use of the NordVPN in Business

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The virtual private network (VPN) happens to bethe Internet security service which creates one encrypted connection in between the user devices and a single or more number of servers. The VPNs can connect the usersecurely to the internal network of the companyor for public Internets.

Each business typically uses a VPN for giving remote employees the access to the internal applications as well as data, or for creating a single shared network in between the multiple locations of the office. In both the cases, the final goal happens to be preventing web traffic — in particular traffic containing branded data from getting exposed on open Internet. Using the NordVPN happens to be useful there.

The Reason You Can Prefer VPN? 

As an example take the remote employees. At the time the employees work on the premises, thenthey can make connections to their computer as well as mobile devices directly to internal network of thebusiness. But, if the employee works absolute remotely, in that case their connection with that internal network should take place through the public Internet, actually exposing the traffic for on-path attacks as well asthe other methods of prying on the sensitive data. Encoding these traffic with business VPN or other security services keeps that safer from the prying eyes.

The Variations of the VPNs?

Two categories are there of the business VPN that includes remote access VPNs as well as site-to-site VPN.

VPNsRemote Access

The remote access VPN makes the creationof a connection in between the individual users as well asthe remote network that is typically the internal network of the business. Remote access VPNs make use of the two key components:

Network Access Server (NAS): It is a dedicated server, or software application that is on the shared serverthat is connected with the internal network of the business.

VPN client: installedsoftware on the user’s mobile device or computer

At the time the user wants to access business network, the VPN client is activated.It establishes the encrypted ‘tunnel’ to NAS. The encrypted tunnel permits the user in accessinginternal network without the traffic exposed. This is an important security advantage for the remote workers.


It creates single virtual network which is shared all across the multiple office locations, every one of them having multiple individual user. In this specific model, VPN client is hosted on every local network of theoffice, rather than on the individual user devices. This way, the users of each office location become able in accessing the shared network by not using the VPN client one by one. On leaving the office the access is lost.

Different of Business VPN with the consumer VPN

Consumer-oriented VPNs and Business VPNs work almost same, in these both of them create acoded connection with remote networks. The main difference stays in their needs of their usages.

The business VPN makes users and the teams connect to their internal network of the company. But, a commercial VPN makes the connection with the user to the remote server, sets of servers that interact with public Internet on the behalf of the user.