April 19, 2024

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Best Exness’ Accounts Reviewed

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It is a tricky question for those who want to open an account with Exness, one of the few good forex brokers, whose account is the best choice to develop their trading business. To serve different kinds of trading, Exness forex broker provide three main kinds of demo account and four for the real account.

What is perfect account for professional traders?

Exness forex broker has two choices for expert traders to open accounts with them. The first one is ECN, which is known for their complication and asks for more knowledge to work with. It is clear that ECN account is good for professional traders; besides, they also need to deal with the circumstance that ECN account’s trading condition is not stable, which can be seen from the suddenly changing prices. That is the reason ECN establishes new kind of accounts for expert traders with Classic account

Classic account is promoted with the better fees, which is commission-free and the Low Spread is at 0.1 for EURUSD. With the Classic account, the first minimum deposit is about 2000$ and the following minimum deposit will lie on your own decision. In spite of the high minimum deposit for the first time, Exness account is run with high Exness leverage also. Therefore, Classic account is fit with big investor with huge transaction and there are even less volatility than with ECN.

In my point of view, both ECN and Classic account are good but the bigger and longer investment, traders should go with Classic account which is more stable than ECN an even more amazing, they are saving way for traders who do a lot of orders.

Mini account is popular among Exness account

It can be said that Mini account is common for almost 80% of the traders at Exness because they can provide some advantages for them, especially the professional traders. Mini account is opened with no minimum deposit at all the Exness leverage with Mini account is quite high so traders can make a lot of orders which are at the volume of 0.01 lot and the spread is only 0.3 least. It is perfect for professional traders who want to save money from the trading fee.

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Who could be interesting in Cent account?

Cent account is made not only for one client styles but for three of them, which means there will be three kinds of traders who will be into the Cent account more popularly. They are beginners, traders with Scalp robot and the testers on Exness account.

  • The first kind is starters who are new in the field. They mostly know nothing about trading forex and Cent account is perfect created with the real trading condition and real money withdrawn from winning. However, the deposit is very low, then they can be secured that they are not going to lose much money.
  • The second kind of clients for Exness Cent account is the one who wants to find the sort of accounts that can support the small account trading with the system of the Scalp. Because of the fact that Scalp robot will run well with the small volume account which is a feature of the Cent account, with the value at only 0.01 lot Cent or 0.0001 lot USD, Cent account is the best choice for Scalp choice users.
  • Lastly, Cent account is the common choice for traders who want to know about Exness accounts. Particularly, they want to know about Exness leverage and minimum deposit also. It is can be informed here that Exness’ Cent account is opened with only 10$ for deposit and spread at 0.3 pip then you can test out about Exness leverage or platform to know the level of execution or spread with 1000 USC in the account which is the reasonable price for the trial period before the professional forex trading.

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