April 18, 2024

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Apex Smartphone is the New Innovative ATEX Certified Smartphone for Industrial Workers

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ATEX Zones are hazardous environments that contain flammable and chemical substances in the form of mist, gas, and vapours. For individuals who work in petrochemical plants and other industrial zones where every day to day operations can result in a fatal explosion carrying the latest iPhone around is simply not an option. All equipment used must be ATEX certified and adhere to the safety regulation guideline in order to be used on site. So how do you stay in touch with friends, family and the rest of the world while you’re on the job?

ECOM Introduces the New Smart-Ex 01 ATEX Certified Smartphone

Atex Smartphone is the new intuitively safe certified android smartphone for industrial workers on the market today. Promising reliability, the new android is designed to withstand intensive temperatures and is equipped with Corning Gorilla Glass 2 screens that render it almost unbreakable. There is nothing fancy about its design; in fact, you can expect an all-around rugged appearance with a touch screen that remains flawless even after it is touched with wet or dirty gloves. With LTE, Wifi, a powerful battery allowing you up to 40 hours talk time, strong speakers and noise reduction, multiple language functions, this 9th generation waterproof smartphone is explosion proof and perfectly conditioned to keep you connected and safe while you do what you do best on the job. Not only does this smartphone allow you to have flexibility, but it can also help enhance your work performance.

Finding an Atex Smartphone supplier is not as easy as walking into a retail store. In fact, it is highly unlikely. There are only a few companies that distribute the Atex Smartphone for sale on the market. Nonetheless, you can rest assured that you’ll find Atex handheld gadgets, Atex cases, and rugged tablets designed by ECOM and BARTEC equipped with a SMIDS system, and complies with the safety protocols to ensure that you remain safe at all times.


The Atex Smartphone is the ideal choice for industrial workers and any working in a hazardous environment for the following reasons:

  • This smartphone is explosion proof and allows workers to use its features safely in a hazardous environment
  • Perfect for Oil and Gas Plants, Manufacturing, and Petrochemical plants.
  • It is ATEX certified and meets all regulations and guidelines, plus it is durable and reliable.