April 19, 2024

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ACB Investment Supermarket: how does it work?

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From the day it appeared and to the present, ACB continues to garner enthusiasm. About 80% of traders are excited by this fundamentally new trading concept. Around 20% are slow to part with classic traditions and continue to sharply criticize the creation of prominent expert Lynne Connel. Opinions may be mixed, but it is impossible to please everyone.

We can confidently assert one thing: the investment supermarket is fulfilling its main goal perfectly. Performing complex financial operations has become as usual of a task as buying goods online. And this is what we can call a true breakthrough in the trading industry.

ACB: how deep is the rabbit hole?

First, let’s take a look at who this service is for. Its popularity is largely due to its broad appeal. From an amateur to a professional, anyone can be an ACB user. Starting capital does not play a significant role, either; you can find suitable financial instruments with even the smallest initial budget.

ACB is a marketplace. Simply put, it is a giant supermarket that has everything to fit any taste and budget.

What makes ACB stand out?

The best start for beginners. The simplest and fastest way to learn about the principles of working on financial markets and to quickly start profiting from high-yield trading instruments without any specialized skills.

Broad functionality for professionals. The service’s capabilities will satisfy any needs and please even the most savvy traders.

Range of investment products. The largest selection of assets that has ever been offered in a single place.

  • Currency pairs
  • CFDs on US, Russian, European and Asian stocks
  • Metals, natural gas, oil
  • Cryptocurrencies

Top liquidity providers. As a marketplace, ACB generates a large volume of transactions thanks to its large number of clients, and this opens doors to opportunities regular brokers can never access because of their limited number of clients.

Best quotes. If before the best price guarantee was available for clients with accounts over $500,000, today all traders at ACB execute trades at the best prices. Only a marketplace can offer such an advantage thanks to its volumes. In fact, it is beneficial for liquidity providers to offer ACB their VIP prices as they do not have to spend money on advertising or other costly ways of attracting clients.

Flexible margin requirements. Because the company is registered in a special zone for conducting business, trading terms are also special. Many mistakenly assume that the lack of regulators plays against the client. With small, fly-by-night companies this may indeed be the case, and there are numerous such examples. However, in the case of large financial institutions that value their reputation, a lack of oversight from above can and should be considered an advantage. For example, upon opening an account, the trader himself chooses the deposit amount and the terms.

Consulting. Professional investment consultants can be considered a huge positive, especially for beginners. You can ask questions and get advice on the diversification of your assets.

Personal manager. If desired, you can utilize the services of qualified experts on ACB’s asset management team. This is optimal for those who value their time and do not want to deep dive into learning the intricacies of the market. In any case, a professional will do it better.

Analytics. ACB has a large analytics department that produces useful, high-quality content. Information is always accessible in a special section of the platform. Equally important, you can consult with our staff directly.

MetaTrader 5 — the number 1 terminal worldwide. The service is integrated with the latest-generation MT5 trading platform, which supports straight-through processing of ECN and NDD orders. This guarantees the fastest order execution, direct access to the world market, and, importantly, it eliminates the possibility of external interference.

Marked advantages of the MetaTrader 5 toolkit:

  • 21 timeframes, 38 technical indicators, 44 analytical objects
  • MQL5 — a next-generation language for programming trading robots and indicators
  • Access to Depth of Market (Level II Pricing) and contract specifications
  • Built-in online store of trading robots, indicators and scripts

Copy trades on CopyDeal. This is a multifunctional program for social trading. Specifically, beginner users copy the trades of professional market participants for a set fee.

Investor advantages:

  • You can copy strategies with one account and an unlimited number of times
  • You can set the volume coefficient for each strategy
  • You do not have to monitor price changes with automatic copying of stop-loss and take-profit orders
  • You can open long and short trades
  • You can use a strategy filter

Provider advantages:

  • You can set volume coefficients for each strategy
  • You can receive commissions from your subscribers daily
  • You can analyze statistical data on strategies
  • You can test strategies on a demo account

Intuitive service architecture. The simplicity and convenience of the process itself, from opening an account to withdrawing funds, is a clear benefit. The platform operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. A convenient solution for constant access to order execution.

What is the minimum amount needed to open an account?

The minimum deposit amount is $300, which we will refer to as a happy medium. Today, a very low entry threshold (from $10 to $100) can be found only in questionable companies. In the rest, the minimum, as a rule, starts at $1,000, which for many is not a very comfortable amount.

Only large marketplaces can offer amounts of $300, once again thanks to their high volumes.

What commission does ACB charge for transactions?

Commissions range from $7.5 to $10, depending on the type of asset. This is not a high amount compared to that charged by ordinary retail brokers, who often openly disclose a tiny percentage, but then, in reality, charge close to a dozen hidden fees. Remember: penny wise, pound foolish.

How much can you make with ACB?

The financial market is not only the most profitable investment option, but also a relatively risky one. Many variables have to align for the client to wake up a millionaire.

Speaking in more realistic numbers, an average trader can expect 15 – 30% a month. This is on the condition that you have chosen the right company and have $300 in startup-capital.


At present, ACB truly has no equal on the financial market. It is a giant investment marketplace in which each investor can find what he or she needs.