May 22, 2024

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4 Things to Consider When Renting Your First Apartment

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Whether you are moving out of your childhood home or looking for your first apartment after college, there are plenty of considerations to make before signing that lease. Landlords, property management and realty companies often make the process of renting seem easier than it actually is, making it important to ensure that you are prepared for tenancy.

  1. Before viewing an apartment, take stock of your bills and other financial commitments to gain a realistic grasp on how much monthly rent you can truly afford. After all, that lovely apartment will not be quite as attractive if the electric company shuts of the lights because you could not afford you bills.
  2. Avoiding scam artists may seem simple enough, but technology has made it easy to con future tenets into giving landlords money before they have signed a lease, accept an apartment that looks good online but is actually a dump or one of a myriad of other issues. Always take another person to view a potential new home, never sign anything you are uncomfortable with or have not read and do not pay anything other than an application fee before signing a lease.
  3. Renting a place that is beautiful, centrally located and available when you need is can often be difficult enough, but it is important to really evaluate the neighbors and landlord before committing. For instance, try to meet the neighbors, gauge their suitability to your lifestyle and if possible, find out their opinions on the complex or neighborhood. It is also a good idea to learn whether or not the landlord is onsite; if so, will he or she hassle you or become too interested in your life? If so, you may want to steer clear of that particular rental space.
  4. Finally, remember to visit the neighborhood in which you will be living late at night and on the weekends to ensure that you feel safe and comfortable in the area after hours. By carefully assessing the locale, you will have the opportunity to better understand what you will be getting into by signing that lease.

Rent With Prudence

Planning where you will live is one of the biggest steps that you will take on the road toward adulthood and full independence. Plan carefully and do not be afraid to ask for advice for best results.