April 18, 2024

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4 Reasons To Avoid DIY Termite Pest Control In Singapore

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People think that pest infestation is an isolated case until they are not. You thought that a flip flop put an end to cockroach invasion, but behind the picture frames, the murky under the kitchen sink cupboard, and bins, are hundreds of baby cockroaches. It is wiser for you to hire commercial pest control services,especially with termites.

Termites are considered silent destroyers. Termites are one of the most destructive pests you can have. They are silent because they are hidden deep inside your wooden beams or furniture, far away from plain sight. Owners do not notice their wooden belongings are being wolfed down until they begin to chip and peel off, hollow tunnels inside.

Here are the reasons why you should never DIY your termite pest control in Singapore:

1. Using the wrong solution

Believe it or not, all insecticides and pesticides are not created the same. Some are meant to kill typical bugs, such as cockroaches and mosquitoes, while others are for bedbugs.

Using these solutions on termites may be ineffective. It is also a waste of money. A pest control company in Singapore knows what to use and how to kill termites.

2. Incorrect use of the solution

Let us assume that you bought the right solution for termites, but do you know how to use it properly? Remember, there is a proper way to use this solution. Improper use could lead to consequences.

To illustrate, putting the solution in the wrong places could kill the wildlife nearby, such as butterflies, bees, birds, and more. You might want to avoid this, especially since these creatures are vital for pollination.

Some accidentally use the solution near the water sources, contaminating the supply. It is expensive to rectify this issue.

3. Health risk

Besides being a threat to wildlife and the environment, using pesticides and insecticides can put your health at risk. Prolonged exposure to chemicals can cause nausea, headaches, dizziness, difficulty breathing, and vomiting.

It is why pest companies wear gear and masks during their pest control service or prevent drivers from using their vehicles right after car fumigation in Singapore.

4. Not addressing the root cause

The problem with DIY pest control is people only address pest infestation symptoms, not the root cause. For example, they may use effective bug spray to kill cockroaches living in the waste bin but not fix the garbage can itself, which causes the problem. Exposed garbage invites cockroaches, so no matter how often you use the spray, cockroaches will still appear.

It is better to callcommercial pest control services than do the bug purge yourself instead.

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