April 18, 2024

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10 Small Business Packaging and Shipping Tips to Know

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Retail eCommerce sales in the first quarter of this year were 160.3 billion, which was a 2.4% increase from 2019. It is clear that the global eCommerce industry is growing, meaning that there are more players. So, how do you intend to differentiate your brand?

Custom packaging is one of the best ways to stand out. Customers will judge your brand by how you package your products. The packaging is not meant solely for product protection; it highlights your story and values.

You need to understand the small business packaging and shipping tips that will make your brand stand out. Keep reading to know these tips.

  1. Use Your Target Market as a Guide

Before you can delve into designing the package for your small business, think about your target market. The audience you intend to appeal to will determine the entire design. As such, researching more about your target market is crucial.

If you’re selling in a physical store, your product packaging should be appealing. It should have valuable information for the target audience. Once you know more about your audience, it will be easier to establish whether they would prefer an understated, bold, soft, or rigid packaging.

Aligning your packaging design with your target market increases your chances of brand recognition. It would also help to incorporate your ideals and core values into the packaging. Customers will know whether you’re the right brand by just checking how you’ve packaged.

  1. The First Impression

The first impression being the only impression is almost a cliché. However, the phrase is nothing short of how you should handle your small business packaging. The first impression might be your only chance to appeal to a potential customer.

Given than the marketplace is already crowded, your packaging has to be unique in each way. You’ll stand out regardless of the competition. Attractive packaging will appeal to potential customers and become ingrained in their minds.

You’d be surprised to know how many consumers choose a product based on its packaging. If your delivery is packaged in an aesthetically appealing way, people will remember your brand. Such a small price to pay for long-term benefits!

  1. Schedule Carrier Pickups

One of the small business shipping tips that you’ll come across now and then is the need to schedule pickups with a carrier. Piling packages and driving to the post office waiting for delivery can be overwhelming. It would be best to schedule a pickup with your ideal carrier for the company’s representative to come to your warehouse, office, or house to collect all the packages.

This approach makes your small business logistics easier and efficient. If you’re considering USPS packages, the website has a pickup option. Submit your pickup request for the carrier to gather the packages during delivery.

The USPS pickup service is free regardless of the number of packages you want to send. It’s even possible to schedule your pickup three months in advance. Scheduling the pickups will increase your shipping efficiency.

  1. Make the Unboxing Experience Worthwhile 

Your product packaging should offer significant value to your customers. You might want to read this helpful guide to know more about corrugated box manufacturers and how you can use them to improve your customers’ experience. Choosing a durable material for protective purposes is the first step.

It would also help to customize your packaging. The way consumers view your product plays a considerable role in their unboxing experience. Consequently, you’ll achieve unmatched customer satisfaction and loyalty.

With excellent packaging, your brand will be all over social media pages. Customers who get the ideal packaging are eager to share on their social pages. A simple step showing care in the packaging will improve the word-of-mouth packaging.

  1. Choose an Appropriate Carrier

Did you know that the USPS delivers to at least 157 million business and residential addresses every day? What’s more, the company has about 1 million new deliveries each year. While USPS is not the only carrier in the U.S., it’s undeniably the best.

Carriers have different prices and quality of services. You’ll probably spend more money if you decide to use FedEx or UPS. If you’re thinking of saving some few dollars with small business packaging and shipping, USPS is your best bet.

USPS has several pricing tiers that you need to understand. The base retail rate is the cash you’ll pay at the post office. Commercial base pricing is the base tier you’ll get after purchasing from USPS site, while commercial plus pricing is for customers shipping in bulk.

  1. Negotiate with Your Shipping Carrier

The prices that a carrier present for your small business are not cast on stone! You can negotiate for fairer prices. It would be best to compare the rates of different carriers before settling for one.

While you need carrier services, the company also needs your company to make profits. As such, be confident as you negotiate. You can tell your identified carriers of the compared rates.

The negotiation process will differ depending on the carriers. You might also use multiple carriers for your small business shipping. You’ll get the best deal that each carrier is offering.

  1. Use a Shipping Software 

Automation is becoming a mainstay, even in shipping. When you get the right shipping software, your small business shipping logistics will be a walkover. Shipping software is ideal for managing orders, tracking packages, negotiating rates, and print shipping labels.

Shop for a tool that will integrate with your eCommerce site. It will be easier to pull all the orders and sync the information necessary. Shipping software will make most of the shipping processes seamless.

One of the shipping tools that you might want to consider is Shippo. This software will allow you to streamline your small business shipping. You can check out other shipping software such as Sellbrite and Refund Geeks to get a solution that resonates with your packaging and shipping needs.

  1. Outsource Your Shipping

The shipping costs for U.S. companies amounted to $1.49 trillion in 2017. The dynamics in the shipping industry have made the shipping charges to surge year after year.  Small business packaging and shipping can overwhelm your company.

You can opt to outsource your shipping as a way of reducing your shipping expenditure. With outsourcing, you’ll have less work-related to shipping, meaning that the number of employees and equipment required will be minimal.

Outsourcing gives you several shipping solutions that you can consider. Dropshipping involves having the product manufacturer sending goods to your customers directly. This approach saves you the time that you’d otherwise spend processing the shipping.

Third-party logistics (3 PL) is another outsourcing option. This solution involves having a logistics provider who will store items on your behalf. The 3PLs further process orders and ship packages to customers.

  1. Regular Auditing of Your Small Business Packaging and Shipping Invoices

Online sellers hardly remember to audit their invoices. If you can’t account for packaging and shipping expenditure, you’re likely to lose cash. Regular auditing keeps you updated on the movement of your finances.

Shipping carriers are not accurate in their billing. If anything, you’ll have to deal with billing messes now and then. You should audit all your shipments to allow you adequate time to confirm the billing.

Auditing your shipping invoices is the best way to know the kind of services you have been receiving. It will be easier to demand better service quality from your carrier. Auditing will make it easier to point some service failure and claim refunds from these issues.

Detecting shipping problems in real-time can be daunting. With the automation of services, the process is easier. You can then apply for a refund once you establish that the carrier made errors in the shipment.

  1. Consider a Multi-Carrier 

Can you imagine the turmoil you’d endure if your only shipping company failed you? Well, other than making financial losses, your business reputation will be at stake. Customers don’t take delivery hitches lightly!

You can save yourself from such frustrations by diversifying the shipping services. Mix all your carriers and choose those who meet the criteria of a good carrier company. Confirm the carriers’ weaknesses and unique strengths before signing a contract.

It’s possible to have discounted prices from different shipping companies. With several companies, you reduce the risk of delayed or failed deliveries. Ensure that each of the shipping firms you use has the attributes you want for your small business.

The Right Small Business Packaging and Shipping Tips Can Transform Your Supply Chain

Most small businesses struggle with packaging and shipping due to finances and other logistics. You need to know the best small business packaging and shipping solution for you to compete favorably. Once you get it right, it will be easier to attract customers with optimal services.

It would help to start your ideal business packaging and shipping with the right carrier. The quality of your services will mostly depend on your carrier. Research for carriers near you and vet each identified company to establish their professionalism.

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