May 22, 2024

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Termite Protection Is Essential for Residential and Commercial Properties

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Termites are most resilient pests, so homeowners and retail businesses need to consider preventive measures in advance. Termite invasion can cause –

  • Structural destruction to residential and commercial properties
  • Retail businesses may suffer severely in terms of image, reputation, and profitability, even with a single pest sight

Early signs of termite infestation

Pests can be seen all around Australia, so it is essential to stay alert. They can be present without signs but you can keep an eye on some things that suggest an infestation.

  • Pencil sized mud tubes, where building and ground meets or on the walls, rafters, shelves, and ceiling.
  • Discarded wings near closed doors or windows or at some other access points.
  • Wood damage visible behind or below the walls and other surfaces.

Termite damage can be prevented, a thorough termite inspections by The Pest Company helps. Termites are expert in hiding but the professionals are well aware of areas they hide. Professional inspection at early warning signs helps to decrease the termite infestation cost before it gets severe in due course.

Preventive measures

  • Building structure attracts termites because of leaky pipes, improper vented foundations, overgrown landscape, and clogged roof gutters [standing water]. Moist ambiance is favorable to subterranean termites.

  • Wood that serves as bridge between building and ground serves as food source. Therefore, remove vines, stumps, mulch or wooden things away from foundation. Even trim tree branches that touch the building.

  • Cracks or openings in building roof, walls, or foundation gives termite an entry point. Stay on top of small repairs like defective or loose seals around plumbing lines or damaged shingles or eaves can help to prevent termite colonies from getting built.

  • Preventive measures include plugging holes and spraying pesticides and set up monitoring programs are helpful to avoid termite infestation.

It is necessary to be vigilant from the start to prevent the pests from getting in your property. Ignoring termites can cause property gigantic damages. Fortunately, termite issues get eliminated professionally without any hindrance in your daily life. Be wise, instead of pushing this issue, take care of it instantly to decrease damages as low as you can and gain relaxation as fast as possible.