June 14, 2024

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MBA Program After Engineering?

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An MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree can help advance both your professional and personal goals. Some of the most common reasons to join for an MBA degree are for getting higher pay packages, to explore new job opportunities, changing/advancing career path, and to develop leadership and business management skills. In an MBA program, you will also create a lot of professional and personal networks via teachers, friends, and alumni that will help you sooner or later to advance your career. But as in the case of any professional degree, the first and most important step while pursuing an MBA is to choose the right institution. The CGC (Chandigarh Group of Colleges) is one of the best among top tier institutes in the country. It is a multidisciplinary private university established in the year 2001 at Landran, Punjab. Registration for the CGC Landran Admission can be done on the institute website.

Why Employers Prefer Graduates With Engineering Backgrounds?

Engineers define the word, problem solvers. They have their own ways of a strategic and analytical examination of complex issues from all angles. Their qualitative and quantitative skill sets differentiate them when they leave school and start a career in the business world. From the start, an engineer’s academic foundation and technical know-how allow them to quickly grasp the complex criteria of product design and build, enabling them to speak with customers, consult clients, and lead teams in a business setting.

How to Join for MBA?

The candidates should have passed and held a higher secondary (10+2) education certificate to be eligible for admissions to B-Schools in the country.  Top institutes will have entrance exam cut-offs in the higher range. Therefore, candidates should have prepared well and scored well in the exam to have a chance of being selected for the further process of admission. Selections for CGC Landran Admission can be obtained through the CMAT (Common Management Admission Test) or the Punjab MET entrance exams.

Why Engineers Should Pursue an MBA?

Your technical background helps you relate to other employees who work on product engineering or research and development. With an MBA, you become the bridge between the tech experts and corporate leaders who make business decisions. Being able to understand both the technological and business sides of the equation, as well as the impact decisions, can have on either, makes you an invaluable asset to a corporation in a highly competitive marketplace. As an engineer, you’re an analytical thinker and familiar with looking at issues from all angles. An MBA adds even more viewpoints, so it’s complimentary. It supplements an engineer’s analytical expertise by providing a keen understanding of the fundamentals of business such as economics, accounting, finance, organizational development, and strategic development. By adding these strategic and qualitative skills, an MBA can provide the skills necessary for an engineer to develop into a strong leader adept at finding technical solutions while keeping essential business principles in mind.

At some point in your career, you will need to lead people, manage budgets, or analyze the financials of a project. An MBA gives you tools and frameworks to tackle those types of challenges and learn critical business skills that complement your technical background. Businesses are group environments where advanced people skills become important factors in career advancement. MBA allows you to focus more on people’s development, management skills, and leadership along with rounding out your business knowledge regarding marketing, finance, and commercialization.

What  Money is Involved?

Comparing to other institutes that offer a postgraduate degree in management, the investment required for CGC Landran is in the relatively lower side. CGC Landran Fee Structure for the program stands at about ₹2 lakhs for the total duration of the two-year course. The institute offers ample opportunities for the students in the form of placements and provides the necessary support for grabbing the best career options. Top companies arrive at the institute for recruiting the best candidates for various high-profile jobs. Average pay packages are really good at maintaining a good ROI (Return on Investment) from the institute.

Scholarships are provided by the university to help the students not miss out on an opportunity due to reasons such as low family income etc. Concessions are also available in the CGC Landran Fee Structure based on criteria such as performance in the entrance exam and merit.