July 24, 2024

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Idaho car accident attorney: 5 tips to hire legal expertise

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Drivers involved in a car accident are expected to take necessary steps to protect their rights. If the other driver was clearly negligent, reckless, or distracted, you could expect to recover compensation for your damages. Idaho is a tort state for auto accident claims. Immediately after getting medical attention and informing the police, consider hiring an Idaho car accident attorney for your case. In this post, we are sharing five tips to hire legal expertise after the crash. 

  1. Find at least a couple of options. For auto accidents, you need a personal injury lawyer. If you know people who have hired injury lawyers in the past, consider asking for names. For those who are new in Idaho, there are amazing websites like Avvo and Nolo for help. A quick search on Yelp or Google can also help shortlist options. 
  2. Check the response. A good lawyer will at least make time to listen to your case. In other words, they are expected to respond at the earliest. Typically, you will talk to the lawyer or their associate on the phone, and if they are interested, they will schedule a personal meeting soon. 
  3. Consider comfort. The first appointment with an attorney is your best bet at knowing their work and expertise. Did the lawyer take time to review your case? Did you feel intimidated by their presence? Were you comfortable talking about the accident? These are key aspects to consider. 
  4. Ask about availability. At times, lawyers are too busy and may decide to assign the case to a partner or lawyer working for the same firm. If that’s the case, you should insist on meeting the lawyer working directly on the case. 
  5. Discuss trial experience. Some car accident claims end up in court. When that happens, the court will decide the settlement based on evidence and facts. You need to find a lawyer who has worked on such cases and has represented car accident victims in court. 

As for the cost of hiring a lawyer, you don’t need to pay a fee right away. All car accident attorneys take a contingency fee, and the lawyer will take a fee only when you get a financial settlement from the other party or their insurer. The fee may vary but doesn’t go beyond 40% of the final settlement. Do not delay in hiring a lawyer as investigating the car accident is easier in the initial stages.