April 18, 2024

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3 Sites to Open SVG Files Online

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Today we will present you 5 sites to open SVG files directly online: all these portals are free, and allow you to view this scalable image format directly from your browser. In practice, all you have to do is load your SVG file and then look at the result that will open in front of your eyes. Some of these sites also allow you to edit SVG files or to use other unique features, to be underlined because we are still talking about free portals. Alternatively, if this is an operation that you often do, we advise you directly to have a program to open and edit SVG files, also it may also be useful to know some sites toconvert SVG to PNG.

1. SVG viewer / editor

The first of the best sites to open SVG files online is undoubtedly SVG viewer / editor: we like this portal mainly because of its very simple graphical interface, and for the presence of some precious features. In addition to allowing you to view the SVG file, in fact, this platform also allows you to view the source code of your file and modify it in its various parts. You can also view the preview of the SVG file after you have made the above changes. Of course, you can save it to your computer without having to overwrite the original file. Another feature of this website is the ability to create an SVG file from scratch by writing its code.

2. FreeCodeFormat

FreeCodeFormat is another of the best sites to open SVG files online: it is very similar to the previous one in the list, since in addition to being a viewer, it also allows you to view the source code of the document and modify it at your convenience. Then it is very easy to use, given that the above code is already visible in the upper part of the interface, while the lower part shows you the preview. Among the many interesting options on this website, we also find the Draw option that allows you to edit the file and see the preview of the changes in real time. Despite being very similar to SVG viewer / editor, here you will probably find a more intuitive and lighter tool to use.

3. Draw SVG

The third option in our list of viewers for SVG files is Draw SVG: even in this case you can both view this format and edit the file, thanks to the integrated editor. In addition, this platform has many tools for editing your file: something that makes it a really good choice for this type of operation. After adding the SVG file on the site’s graphical interface, you can move the different points available, resize and rotate them, or add hyperlinks or delete any point that does not convince you. You can also add images, maps, lines, rectangles and any other artistic form available on the site. If you are looking for a portal with many options, this is the one for you.