Is It Worth Getting a Flat Screen TV Repaired?

Gathering around the television has been a family tradition for the past several decades. It is one of the more desired extra appliances to have around the home. Flat screen technology has allowed for more extensive picture displays that take up less room than old, clunky sets. The question everyone ponders when the television quits working is if it is worth getting repaired.

How old is the TV?

The age of your television will often bring the cost of the repair into sharper focus. Most flat screen televisions better than eight years old are probably not worth getting repaired. The most significant reason is that it has undergone a tremendous amount of wear-and-tear by this mark. A larger, pricier model might prove to be financially worth the repair cost.

What size is the screen?

It may end up being incredibly expensive to repair a flat screen that is under 32-inches in screen size. Most televisions with smaller screens are relatively cheap to buy brand new. It is worth the cost if the tv is reasonably new and just out of warranty. Fixing a little problem on an otherwise excellent flat screen television can save money and save room at the landfill.

How much damage is there?

The more damage and wear there is on a flat screen television, the more expensive the repair costs. Having serious screen problems tends to nullify any thoughts of repair. The cost of replacing LED or plasma screens can amount to a small fortune, especially with large screen sizes.

Does the TV hold great sentimental value?

You may not worry too much about the cost if the television holds an intense sentimental value. If it belonged to a family member or friend that has passed on, it is worth any price to have it in good working order. A quality electronics repair service will go over the television and make sure all of the components are working as they should.

Price the Cost of a New One

An accurate gauge of affordability is to price a flat screen television of the same size in new condition. Will it cost more or less to have the repair done? Use this as one method to determine the outcome.

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