May 22, 2024

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Who is Peter Loftin?

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Peter Loftin is associated with perhaps one of the most well-known establishments across the world – Business Telecom Inc. (BTI). It was in the year 1983 that he founded and led this establishment based in Raleigh, NC to prominence. He was the reason behind its expansion into one of the biggest corporations in the world. However, there is a LOT more which Peter Loftin has ended up doing in his life and continues to do – a lot—which is the reason why is it difficult to document his achievements within such a limited space.

Peter Loftin: What his Association with BTI is all About

Taking off from where we left—BTI can well be termed as an iconic achievement because of which he actually ended up being named as the “North Carolina Entrepreneur of the Year” by Business North Carolina magazine. Additionally, North Carolina Electronics and Information Technologies Association or NCEITA recognized him as the “Corporate Citizen of the Year”. It was because of his generous bent of mind manifested in his efforts towards providing free internet services to the disabled in the rural schools of North Carolina. Peter Loftin had served as the Chairman of the Board of BTI whose Board members actually boasted of illustrious names like Paul J. Rizzo who is the former Vice-Chairman of IBM.

There is practically a host of Achievements to Talk and write about

What you have read so far – is not even half of what he has achieved so far. Loftin’s entrepreneurial ambitions are duly backed by his charitable bent of mind. Do read on in order to know more about him. North Carolina has always acknowledged him for the significant contributions made to its business and community affairs. He has been one of the most significant contributors to the BTI Center for the Performing Arts in the year 1997. Today it is the largest performing arts venue between Washington D.C and Tampa.

One of his significant charitable contributions is linked to Casa Casuarina. It was in the year 2000 that his inclination towards arts led him to invest in this place. It was after he sold a portion of BTI that he went on to invest some his proceeds to the real estate. Casa Casuarina emerged as one of the most promising real estate opportunities and he was quick enough o realize that this was more of an “opportunity” to give back to the society and that’s what he did. He actually went on to donate the venue for a number of charitable events (at least 30 of them!)

Talking about charities, let us tell you that he actually went on to demonstrate similar inclinations right from a very young age—i.e. when he was in his twenties. It was during this time when Peter Loftin actually initiated the “Coats for Kids” program which was tailored to provide winter coats to the needy children.

With the passage of time, Peter Loftin had actually gone on to contribute consistently to the society in significant ways.