Types of Commercial Business and Industrial Outdoor Lighting

Whether you need outdoor lighting for parking lots, gas stations, or warehouses, it’s important to make sure you get the right type of commercial and industrial lighting. When looking for high-quality lighting, you should consider the different types that are available. Whether you need canopy lighting or other fixtures, you should understand which works best for each facility.

Canopy Lighting

Typically used for gas stations, canopy lighting systems are ideal for many types of facilities with outdoor overhanging canopies, including hotel entrances and parking garages. You can customize brightness and color depending on the location and the height of the canopy, providing sufficient lighting to many different types of spaces.

LED Pole Lights

Pole lights are another type of light that is commonly used in outdoor areas of industrial and commercial facilities. They are used in street lights to provide lighting in parking lots, residential areas, and warehouses, among other types of outdoor areas.

They’re also used along roadways to help keep roads illuminated and the roads safer for drivers. In a sense, pole lights are among the lights often required for a facility’s safety, as they can also be used in parking lots to provide lighting for both drivers and pedestrians.

Low Ceiling Lights

These are ideal for facilities with low-hanging ceilings, including certain parking garages and other locations. Low ceiling lights are also customizable to meet the needs of each application, depending on the facility’s specific requirements.

Flood Lights

Another common light used for commercial and industrial facilities is the flood light, which provides bright lighting in many different spaces. While often used to illuminate stadiums and other spacious areas, smaller flood lights are typically used to provide lighting for warehouse exteriors and more.

How to Determine Where You Need Lighting

Every type of commercial and industrial facility requires a complete system of lighting to properly illuminate their interiors and exteriors. There are many types of lighting options available, but you may wish to consult with lighting experts who can determine which systems would work best. When working with a lighting company, determine which systems will work best and where.

In some cases, you may be able to retrofit older lighting systems with new lights, helping you cut down on costs while taking advantage of previously installed systems.

Whether you need gas station lighting or parking lot light fixtures, a team of professional lighting experts can give you the assistance you need. You may discover that you needed lighting in an area you may have otherwise missed.

Whether you own a small convenience store or a large, spacious warehouse, it’s important to make sure that your lighting is sufficient in all spaces that need it. Using canopy, pole, low ceiling, or flood lights, you can benefit from the reliable lighting systems you need to maintain a safe facility.

You’ll see a difference when your property utilizes energy-efficient lighting systems that help you save money while providing ample lighting for many years.

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