Strongroom Installation

Strongroom Installation

Traditionally, strongrooms were built in the basement of buildings where ceilings were vaulted. However, with the increasing demand for secure storage as well as archiving of documents, data or valuables, strongroom installation is on the rise due to more sophisticated needs. For banks, strongroom installation is to ensure a highly secured area in order to protect high volumes of money, jewellery, art collection, precious stones as well as other documents.

Strongroom installation requires a place with very high structural as well as load bearing capacity. Usually, it should be in the underground floors of buildings due to the think and armoured walls, which normally vary between 35-70 centimetres, relative to the level of security required. Therefore, this renders a strongroom an incredibly heavy load.

Most strongrooms require at least 35 centimetres wall thickness, with the floor and ceilings reinforced with concrete. What is more, use of adequate concrete in walls and ceilings will form the ultimate and comprehensive strength of about 212 kg/cm2 and weight at least 23oo KGkni2 according UK concrete standards.

Strongroom Components

Most of the officially tested prefabricated strongrooms replace the traditionally used concrete vaults in many buildings today, including in banks, institutions as well as companies. Besides, prefabricated strongrooms are similarly used for private installation purposes. Hence, the increasing level of popularity for strongrooms can be attributed to their high security, certified theft resistance in addition to consistent quality. To meet many of today’s individual project requirements, strongroom can also be customized.

Advantages of strongrooms

The major reason for the success of prefabricated strongrooms lies on the following:
• Superior, stable as well as monitored quality
• Greater flexibility in terms of dimension
• Tested, approved and comparable theft resistance
• Possible to reinforce the existing security rooms
• High quality steel finishing on each side of the element
• Possible to relocate the strongrooms
• Can be quickly and easily installed without the need for expert help
• Over 30 years of experience with thousands of strongrooms have been supplied globally
• CCTV, alarm as well as entrance control solutions
• Presence of fire protection panels and prevention solutions

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