How to Stop Wasting Ink and Save Money

What do you think is the most expensive liquid in your home, gas, wine? Think again. It’s printer ink.

There are some practices you do that unknowingly to you uses a lot of ink and wastes it in the process. This can make you run back to the refill center after just getting a refill recently.

Printing ink can be very expensive especially if it is always wasted, this could eat a huge chunk out of profit for your business. So, what can you do to reduce ink wastage and save yourself money on the long haul? Read on.

#1: Reduce Your Fonts

You probably don’t know, but your printing is going to use a lot of printing ink when printing text documents are written with large fonts than small fonts. Use ecofonts instead; they could save you 20 percent ink compared to the normal standard fonts.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you should use minute fonts that one would need magnifying glasses. Rather any font that is legible and easy to see is recommended over using big fonts.

#2: Print Only Relevancies

Imagine you want to print from the web, say a post or written memo especially if you are doing research and want to print your findings. If you do not edit well, you could end up printing irrelevancies like the navigation bars, images, ads, etc. and end up wasting valuable ink.

There are tools (copy and snipping tools) you can use to select the relevant part from the web and edit before printing. Doing this will save you a lot of ink and money on the long run.

#3: Print in Black and White

You are not a photographer, and if you are, you’ll require a photo printer and not an inkjet or laser printer.

Always try as much as possible to print in black and white this is because monochrome cartridges are way cheaper than colored cartridges. Unless it is an important document that must be printed colored for originality purposes, always print in black and white. You can order monochrome Brother ink cartridges from 123Ink.ca.

#4: Crosscheck Before Printing

This is pretty the final step before printing any document. Always crosscheck what you want to print in the preview mode. Maybe you have mistakenly chosen five pages when in truth you only need one page. Save ink this way, it helps.

You’ll never know the mistake you have made until you take time to revise before printing. It could be large fonts, or including irrelevancies in the document. Remember printing ink is not cheap at all so be cautious.

Conclusion: They help save ink and reduce wastage from over spraying.


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