Saving Money by Choosing Pre-owned Gear for Your Company

Running a company can be expensive.  You have to buy supplies and inventory to sell to your customers.  You also have to invest in machinery to use out in the field when you are hired for a job.

Buying all of the machines that you need can take a dent out of your cash flow.  You may not have enough in your bank account to buy brand new machinery.  When you want to save money but still buy everything you need to handle any job you are hired for, you can spare your budget by choosing refurbished drills, belt presses, and sludge dewatering equipment.

Quality Assurance

The term “refurbished” can deter many people who are in the market for new field equipment.  The word indicates that the machines have been owned and used by someone else.  You have no way of knowing if that person took good care of the machines or if the gear malfunctioned or stopped working entirely during the previous ownership.

When you lease or buy refurbished equipment from the business, you get a quality guarantee that the machinery will work as designed.  The business has inspected and serviced the machines.  Any malfunctions have been addressed, and the equipment is now ready for use in the field.

Moreover, since the equipment has been previously owned, it is sold for a lesser price than its brand new counterparts.  You save money while still getting the equipment you need to take on jobs for which your own clients have hired you.

Rental Options

You have no way of knowing what jobs you will be hired for during the year.  Some of the jobs for which your company is retained may call for specialty equipment that you may not need to use on a regular basis.

If you are just getting your company off the ground or if you simply want to save money, you may not see the wisdom in buying machines that you will use infrequently.  You do not want to put out the cash for those machines.

You can still get what you need through an equipment lease.  The lease gives you access to machinery required for specialty jobs.  However, you save money by not paying the purchase price.  You can send the machines back to the company when you are finished using them and stop paying rent on them.

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