Power Washing Is a Must for Rental Properties – Is It DIY Task?

Spring cleaning, after tenants leave your sea cottage is very difficult. Temperature is rising, air is fresh, and everything is covered in thin layer of gunk, salt spray and certainly bugs. It is time to wash. Not simple wash, but power-wash. It is a practical and cost-effective way to start spring cleaning. It is a great means to gain return bookings, all around the year. Homes not maintained and cleaned meticulously hardly enjoy return bookings.

Curb appeal matters a lot. Ask any real estate agents, how renters pull away from homes, which look unclean on the outside.

Often, power washing is the only thing necessary to get a home exterior presentable and staged for guests. Power washing will also help you identify failed caulking, trim or side rotting and other signs of trouble.

Basic areas for power washing

  • Home interior cleaning
  • Window washing
  • Lawn maintenance
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Graffiti removal

Benefits of power washing

The whole concept of power washing is removing undesired things, which can increase the damage overtime. While power washing the backyard with hot water, molds, allergens, minute fauna and other infections get removed. The results will be amazing.

In case, rental homes get swarmed with spiders and mosquitoes’ due to constant wind blowing from one direction renters get irritated. The landlords can hire pressure washing company to resolve this issue before next guest arrives.

Cleanliness is crucial for renters and landlords, alike. BBB receives thousands of requests every year, asking information about reliable power washers. If you are interested in using the services of power washers then look for reliable companies in your locality.

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Is power washing DIY task?

If you are determined to shoulder the task then it is essential to know the techniques involved in the process.

Weigh your needs before buying

If you aim to clean the home walls, car, driveway, or deck then purchasing a machine, which delivers 4000 PSI at 3.5 gallons/minute, is waste of money. You will need to buy small machine that delivers 1800 PSI -2500 PSI at 2 gallons/minute. The machine is light and takes less space. It is less expensive and user-friendly.

Rent a machine

Renting a machine is also a good option. It can be rented from a hardware store or the local paint shop. In case, you are new to power equipment then ask the store keeper, you rent it from for directions. The task can get concluded in a single day and it can cost you maximum $50 against rent.

Before you rent consider the basic things needed like a garden hose and pump that can handle water pressure of 3 to 5 pounds. If your property has old pump then it will get overheated and malfunction.

The length of the hose needs to be sufficient to reach the roof without elevating the entire machine. Ladders that are 24-feet extendable are also needed to reach high places from ground level. Safety is crucial, when you operate power washing equipment. Pulling the gun trigger results in a blast. This can knock you if you are not careful.

The unit needs to be equipped with chemical injector. In addition, all chemicals applied need to be rinsed properly or it can burn the surface.

Power washers certainly make your washing task easy because they can complete the task easily and safely. It is a little too much job for a DIY person. Be wise and hire power washers!

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Mark Farley has written this guest post. In Toronto, Nick’s Window Cleaning Company is offering good customer services to their clients. You can send an email at to get a quote on both kinds of services residential and commercial. Hiring Nick’s pressure washing company allows you to get every kind of cleaning handled by highly experienced crew.

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