What You Need to Know When Renting a Mini Storage Unit

If you took all the Mini Storage units in the United States and packed them tightly together, they would take up a space three and a half times the size of Manhattan.  That is a lot of storage!  If you’re thinking about renting a storage unit, here are the things you need to think about before signing up:

Getting The Right Size Storage Unit

The larger the unit, the more you will pay, so you want to get the right size.  Most storage unit websites have a calculator that will help give you an idea, but you probably want to stand in the actual unit and see how it feels.  Are you going to need regular access to what is in the unit?  If so, make sure there is room to move around and things will not be so tightly packed you can’t move them around and get into them.  You don’t want to have to empty out half the unit to get to that box in the back.

Climate Control

It may be worthwhile to have climate control to safeguard your stuff from winter cold, summer heat, and humidity. Proper heating and cooling can help protect your items from mildew and warping.


You want to be comfortable with the amount of security on site.  One of the best ways to deter crime is a well-lit environment with obvious security.  Ask about whether there are cameras and if they are monitored regularly and recorded.  Evaluate the lighting.  Are the grounds patrolled? 

Is fencing well-maintained to keep unwanted visitors out?  Take note of what it takes to get into the facility and into your unit.  You also want to make sure there are smoke alarms and adequate fire prevention, such as sprinkler systems.


Depending on your needs, you may need 24/7 access.  Find out if there are restrictions on when you can enter the premises.


If you have homeowner’s or renter’s insurance, you may be covered for items in a Mini Storage unit, but check it out first.  If items are not covered, consider amending your policy or getting additional insurance for the storage facility.

Read the Agreement Carefully

You do not want to be surprised later when it comes to storing your goods.  In most states, if you do not pay your bill on time, penalties can add up quickly.  Storage facilities have a high occupancy rate, which means they will not be happy if you do not pay your bill.  While they have to follow procedures before taking action, they may lock you out until you pay up, place a lien on your items, or even sell them at auction.

Not All Mini Storage Facilities Are The Same

Finally, take a walk around the facility and make sure you feel comfortable.  After all, it is your stuff you are storing and you want to feel secure.


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