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As the UK economy continues to struggle and people are finding it harder and harder to secure loans, many consumers are turning to pawnbrokers to solve their financial problems. When people think of pawnbrokers, they nearly always imagine run-down backstreet shops filled with old TVs and Hi-fis. However, the modern pawnbrokers in London are keen to escape this image and re-invent themselves as the modern alternative to traditional loans.

The common misconception that people have regarding pawnbrokers is that they will only buy your products off you for a fraction of what they’re worth and then sell them on to other people for a large profit. This might have been true in the past and indeed could still be the case in less reputable services. However, the role of the pawnbroker in the modern era is completely different.Image result for pawnbrokers in London

At Hopkins & Jones, we have a strong reputation of upholding the ethics of Pawnbroker. As we do not take advantage of vulnerable people, but rather, we help them out of their difficult times. There are countless of pawnbroker companies who takes advantage of their clients by ripping them off their valuables. They loan their clients £1,000 while they demand collateral worth £5,000 at the same time, giving them unfavorable terms and condition to pay back the loan. At Hopkins & Jones, we are a passionate firm who always look after the needs of our clients and always but their interest above ours and our reputation speak for itself. With over 76 years of experience in the Pawnbroker’s industry, you can always count on us to give you the best offer there is.

A brief history

Hopkins & Jones, who is a trade member of The NPA (The National Pawnbrokers Association) was established in 1853 as Hayward & Sintzenich with premises in Sackville Street, London W1. When the business was purchased by the two leading members of staff, Louis Hopkins and Llewellyn William Jones in 1941, the premises moved to Regency House in Piccadilly, then to Carlos Place, Mayfair. In 1979 Hopkins & Jones moved to our present address in William IV Street, WC2.

You might want to ask, why should you choose Our London Pawnbroking Service

As a long-established and reputable pawnbroker, Hopkins & Jones Ltd has the financial resources to offer secure loans against valuable items such as jewellery, gold, diamonds, watches, and silver; we can provide cash up to £10,000 within an hour and wire larger sums electronically within 24 hours.

We will also be pleased to help you borrow money against other valuables including classic cars, antiques, artwork, rare books, and sports memorabilia. For these and other specialised items, valuations may take up to 3 days. Once your valuation is complete and a loan sum agreed, we can usually have your cash ready for you within the hour. We have worked hard to develop an exceptional reputation as a high-end Pawnbroker in the city of London, and that’s why people who have done business with us in the past and even in the present, always have positive testimony to say about us.

Advantages and Benefits

  • Quick and easy process with minimal paperwork!
  • All Contracts government regulated by the Credit Consumer Act 1974
  • Discreet and Confidential Service with no credit checks!
  • Instant funds available in Cash or Electronic Transfer!
  • Secure storage for your items!

How much can I borrow?

The actual loan amount offered will depend on many factors. These include;

  • The age and condition
  • The provenance
  • The manufacturer or maker
  • Original boxes, papers, or certificates.

We carefully assess every item on its own merits and will always offer the maximum possible loan amount.

Hopkins & Jones provide short-term loans you can have cash in hand of up to £10,000 within an hour. For larger sums, we can wire your funds to you electronically. You can count on Hopkins & Jones for complete discretion and privacy when you enter into a pawnbroking transaction. For additional information, please do contact us

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